Summer sleepover tips and ideas

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If your kids are anything like mine, they love sleepovers. It’s like a play date that never ends! Summer sleepovers are the best because everyone’s schedules are a lot more flexible making scheduling them a lot easier. While my kids love sleepovers, here is what I have discovered: sleepovers are a lot of work for moms. You want everyone to have fun, get along, and feel safe and comfortable in a new setting… especially at bedtime. These tips will help you host successful summer sleepovers and make things run smoothly for you and the kids!

Summer Sleepover Ideas and Tips for Moms

Tip no. 1: Have an organized activity

I always try to invite at least one friend over for each of my kids. While this does mean a lot more kids at one time, it also means no one is feeling left out and everyone has a playmate. It’s great to let the kids have time to create, make believe, and play on their own, but I have found that left with too much time they can start to argue or disagree over silly things. Having an organized activity helps refocus everyone. Simple games or crafts are perfect and most recently, I created a simple scavenger hunt that led them around the house. They loved this activity! I had about 12 clues and wish I would have done twice as many.

Sleepover Scavenger Hunt for Kids

They were all so great about taking turns and working together to figure out the clues. It was a simple activity, but by far their favorite. At the end of the hunt, I had a special prize waiting for them. I did matching pajamas, but you could do a special candy treat, or even a new movie for after dinner.

Sleepover Tips for Moms

Another organized activity that is always a part of our summer sleepovers is movie time. The kids love getting all cozy in their pajamas and settling in with popcorn to watch a movie for the night.  It’s also good way for them to calm down so this is usually the activity right before bed.

Tip no. 2: Simple, but special, meals

Summer sleepovers are exciting for kids so I want their mealtimes to be special, without spending too much time in the kitchen. I almost always order pizza for dinner and add a special element by letting them pick a fun drink.

Waffle Bar for Summer Sleepovers

For breakfast, I usually do a waffle bar so the kids can pick their favorite toppings. It’s something special they don’t usually get to do on a regular morning, but takes no time to set up and prepare. Plus, it’s a sweet way to start their day!Sleepover Sleep Solutions

Tip no. 3: Prep comfortable sleeping spaces

Bedtime is often the hardest a sleepovers. While I want them to have fun, I don’t want them up giggling all night long. I also want everyone to feel comfortable and safe in their new space.

OoRoo Bed Folds into a Pretty Ottoman

One of the greatest ways to do that is with an OoRoo portable folding bed. When it is not in use as a bed, this luxurious mattress folds up and fits into a cover so that it serves as an ottoman. Setting it up as a bed takes only seconds — simply unzip the cover and unfold the mattress into a bed! It’s so comfortable, and so much nicer than asking our sleepover guests to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag. It’s also really lightweight, so folding it up and moving it back into place after the sleepover takes no effort at all. Best of all, these beds ship for free to anywhere in the Continental US.

Ooroo Folding Bed is the BEST for Sleepovers

When it is finally time to sleep, I let the kids set a timer for 15-minutes so they can talk and then the deal is that everyone has to go to bed. I want them to wake up happy and ready to play the next morning!

Tip no. 4: Think about the morning after

No matter how much or how little sleep the kids get the night before, chances are you are going to wake up feeling tired. I always suggest having parents pick up their kids shortly after breakfast. That gives them a little time to play and get dressed before heading home. Then it’s time for a nap! When you ask your kids if they had fun, huge smiles are sure to spread across their faces. You may be tired and it was a lot of work, but it’s all worth it to see those smiles!

Do you host summer sleepovers?  What are some of your favorite tips for other moms?

Thanks to OoRoo for sending us a bed to try!

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