Preparing for a Disney Cruise: Everything you need to travel

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We are going on a Disney Cruise tomorrow and I CAN’T WAIT! With that said, going on a Disney Cruise involves preparation before the cruise embarks! A few years ago, we went on our first Disney Cruise, the Disney Dream and when I tell you it was a dream, I mean it! Since that was my first Disney Cruise, I didn’t know what to expect. The second time around, I am getting prepared ahead of time for all that the cruise will have to offer! Preparing for a Disney Cruise is no joke! Here are my Disney Cruise packaging tips for the Disney Fantasy!

Door Decor

If you have never been on a Disney cruise then this will be new to you (it was to me), but you will want personalized door magnets to decorate your cruise room door. The most important thing to note is that they must be magnets. There is no tape or other adhesives allowed on the door. The idea behind this is that all the cruise room doors on all the floors look identical, so this is a fun way to easily identify your room. Most importantly, if you are travelling with friends or are ready to make new ones on the cruise, this will help them identify your room when they can’t remember your exact room number! Best of all, we pulled together a simple and cute template to print and add magnetic tape to for easy door decor. You can download them below!

Disney Cruise Door Decor Adult Minnie, Disney Cruise Door Decor Adult Mickey & Disney Cruise Door Decor kids

Pirate Night Costume

While every day and night is a ton of fun on a Disney cruise, pirate night is a guaranteed theme night that is always lots of fun! On our first cruise, we were presently surprised when we found pirate bandanas on the bed to get us ready for the night! This time, we are getting prepared before we leave with lots of fun items that are easy to pack but will make the night extra special. These are some items that would work well for dressing up and are easy to pack!

Pirate Hat and Eye Patch for 2
Kids pirate costume

Unisex Pirate t-shirt

Pirate accessories for the whole family

Girls pirate costume

Pirate tattoos

Boys pirate costume

Star Wars Day Costumes

Different than the Disney Dream, the Disney Fantasy has a Star Wars day during on of the days at sea. This is a day we have been working on preparing for! We have one Star Wars costume at home, which means we need more for the rest of us! With all of the new Star Wars movies, there are more costumes available than ever. We talked about matching costumes for the whole family or different ones! In the end, everyone chose what they wanted to wear!

This is the best dark side deal for 4 kids!

…or if the light side is more your style!

Kylo Ren for an adult

Princess Lea

A few more tips

Don’t forget to download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app. The navigator is an amazing resource for you to plan in advance! One of the best things to do before you go is to book your call from a Disney character! We booked ours for the night before to tell the kids as a surprise, but you can book a call anytime! I can’t wait for Minne and Mickey to give us a call!!

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