Stop and Smell the Roses

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Do you ever feel like you are constantly on-the-go? Sort of like being on a race track and the red light is broken? Or perhaps you find yourself thinking “There is not enough time in the day!” You express your frustrations to your mom, and she says, “Just stop and smell the roses”. How do we take the meaning of this common phrase, and apply it to parenting in such a way that benefits the family as a whole?

Put yourself first

Putting yourself first may seem like a foreign idea. Being able to stop and smell the roses means you need to feed your own mind and body. Finding time for quiet reflection can do wonders for our mindset. Our thoughts have power and can influence how we feel and the actions we choose. Positive affirmations help the brain silence the negativity.


Learn to say no

Some people don’t even realize that they are a “Yes” person. A “yes” person is someone who often feels obligated to do everything for everyone else. The expectation you or others place on yourself can leave you constantly running around, feeling pressed for time and perhaps even a little frazzled. The stress you feel leaves you ultimately inefficient. Learning how to say “No” is an essential step towards self-advocacy and being productive.

Find support

There really is no such thing as “Super Mom.” Today, the role of a mom may seem different from our own mothers. Many moms think asking for help is a sign of weakness. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You will be surprised just how much your friends, colleagues or family are willing to pitch in to take the load off you.

Get inspired

Do you surround yourself with energy drainers or lifters? You can keep track of your energy levels by paying attention to your feelings when you are around others. To stay motivated, connect with others who are a positive influence. This can be achieved via social media or by joining a club. If you spend a lot of time traveling in a vehicle, try listening to motivational recordings.


Appreciate the little things

Stopping to smell the roses is also about appreciating the simple things in life, especially the things we may take for granted. It could be simple as a cup of freshly brewed coffee while everyone is still asleep, hearing your child’s laughter, or watching a family movie. When we stop for a moment and pay more attention, we gain a new-found thankfulness for them.

Schedule time

Since life is hectic you may have to consciously schedule time to do things for yourself. Whether it is going for a short walk, reading one chapter of a book or taking a bath, planning 20 minutes a day may be all you need. Prefer to schedule time as a family? Consider a family fun game night, watching home movies or going through photo albums. This is a great opportunity for your family to stop and smell the roses too!

Take time to evaluate

Do you feel like you are continuously juggling life? Or perhaps on the same path with the same result? Write a list of what’s working and what’s not working. This forces you to reflect, set new goals and make necessary changes. Creating a dream board or keeping a weekly journal is also a constant reminder to help us make decisions and reach our goals.

When we stop and smell the roses, we are taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. It forces us to take the time out of our busy schedules and to enjoy what life has to offer and all those small precious moments with our family.

Meet the Author | Janet Arnold

Janet Arnold is the Mother to two boys. She is a Behaviour Consultant, Author/Blogger, and an accredited Triple P Practitioner (Standard Stepping Stones) who has a strong background in Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA). She is a High Five Trainer. Since 1996, Janet has worked with children, their families, and individuals in clinical and educational settings.

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