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I was on the hunt for a new activity mat for my son. I had a hand me down from my middle child, but Landon didn’t seem to be that into it. Maybe a play gym wasn’t his jam. He proved me very wrong when I brought him down from nap one afternoon and laid him on the Tiny Love Magical Tales Black and White Gymini Playmat. He instantly lit up. Honestly I don’t know that I have seen him this enamored with a new toy. He just kept spinning and reaching for all the cute accessories. When he realized the plush hedgehog played music he giggled.

The calming color scheme works for our family

We have been through several activity mats with our three children. Because of that, I know several of the features that I am really looking for and this one truly delivers. There are so many awesome features of this activity mat that I really want to dive right in. First and most obviously, I really appreciate the color scheme. My husband and I have been incredibly intentional about the toys we have in our main living area and want things to blend in with the feel of the room. The black and white color scheme is such a refreshing neutral and is so good for stimulating baby’s senses.

A simple, safe set up keeps your little one safe

Setting up the Gymini was super simple. Each arch snaps into the corner sleeves. I like the snap because it means my baby (or nearby toddler) cannot knock an arch down on my little guy’s head. The quality is apparent in every detail from these snaps, to how study the arches are, as well as the rings that hold the toys- they really stay on and do not fall off. Tiny love is an award winning international baby products’ company that creates stimulating developmental toys and products which encourages babies’ growth and development. So, it was no surprise to me how well designed the mat was!

Moms love a machine washable play mat

The actual mat is a made of a nice plush material that is machine washable (hallelujah) and has a really soft cloud in the center for a nice sensory experience for baby. There is also a crinkly flap that baby can play peek-a-boo with a bird underneath. Crinkle toys are one of my guy’s favorite things; you can see him light up when he grabs them and hears the noise. The colorful satin ribbons really help with fine motor skills.

Toys offer stimulation and developmental opportunities

Every Tiny Love product is created with the 7 Developmental Wonders in mind. I love that it comes with seven stimulating toys, including a musical hedgehog that plays the sweetest tunes and a teether. The mirror is always fun must have for us because, what baby doesn’t love discovering their features. The little mobile is such a fun and modern way to attract baby’s sight. It also includes a great monochrome, soft book that you can take on the go. The book has convenient ties on the corners so I can attach it to the arches, or even to his stroller. I really love all these developmental aspects of the mat and feel like he is expanding his sense, cognition, language and communication skills, and fine and gross motor skills while on playing on the mat.

Two modes give babies more space for exploration

One of my favorite features, which I believe really sets this playmat apart, is how you can set the Gymini up into two modes: classic and open arches. The open arches mode is perfect for tummy time and gives them a little more space to explore. I like that I can move the toys around so that he can grasp things while on his stomach. This mode is also convenient for letting baby sit and play – my boy’s new favorite position.

Check out this activity mat to keep your baby interested and learning. From the moment I first placed him on it it has not stopped capturing his attention.

Disclosure: We received the Tiny Love Magical Tales Black and White Gymini Playmat for consideration for review. All opinions are my own.

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