A Camera That Monitors Baby’s Sleep and Breathing

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Bringing home baby is always stressful. Whether its your first or your last you worry about many of the same things. One my concerns was the transition to the crib from our bedroom. My first daughter Peyton was a tiny preemie (4 pounds 2oz when we discharged the hospital) with a short NICU stay. I was terrified of something happening to her when she was out of my sight. Even with a traditional video monitor I went in to check for breathing more times than I would like to admit.

Flash forward to now, and my last baby is ready for the crib. I was never interested in the traditional wearable monitors. They seemed like a hassle to me and many of my friends constantly had false alarms. I just preferred to walk up the stairs and into the baby’s room a million times — lets call it exercise, shall we? As we got closer to Landon’s birth, I wasn’t sure what kind of camera I was going to get. I kept debating adding on to my current system or finding something new. When I heard about Cocoon Cam, it intrigued me because it measured baby’s breathing in real time with no wearable.

Using the Cocoon Cam to monitor baby’s breathing

I have used Cocoon Cam for about two months now. I wanted to fully test it out and get comfortable with all the features. This camera is really different than any other on the market. From the incredibly advanced breathing technology to the personalization, I have found it to be absolutely amazing.

First, I love that I am not tied to a parent until, notifications pop right up on my phone or iPad to let me know what is up with my little man. The camera is accessibly from anywhere with my phone so if I am running an errand while someone else is at home, I can check on him while he is sleeping. I can also still get the notifications when I am out, which is a nice piece of mind. I should also mention the picture – day or night – is crystal clear. The clarity of the picture blew both my husband and I away.

Cocoon Cam offers personal notifications

Most of all, I really enjoy the personalized notifications like “Sounds like Landon is crying!” and “Looks like Landon went to sleep” complete with a cute image of him sleeping with littles Zzzz’s. It really made the whole experience fun and so simple to use. With these notifications I don’t feel like I am having to watch the monitor constantly or keep checking in every few minutes. I can open the app and have the sound on, but then go about my business. I can still hear everything, but I can do other things on my phone, or just leave it playing the sound while I am asleep.

The Activity Log gives you an overall picture of the night

I like that the “Activity Log,” houses all notifications, so I can go back and see everything that happened during the day or night. It also houses these little video snapshots for me to look back in on. This has been really nice for me to look back on to establish patterns. It is such an intuitive system.

Cocoon Cam’s breathing technology

Let’s talk about the breathing technology that Cocoon Cam utilizes. You mount the camera directly over your baby’s crib – about 3 feet up. This allows a birds eye view so that it can properly monitor those little movements of baby’s chest and abdomen for breathing. I was really impressed that even as my little one was swaddled tight it had no problem picking up on his movement.

This truly is the most advanced breathing monitoring technology in the world. The system uses a mix of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to tell where baby is. It can also distinguish between your child in the crib and a stuffed animal or doll (of course you do not want these in the crib with your child while they sleep). This system is full of such advanced technology. In addition to the breathing graph that is shown, it can tell when baby has fallen asleep and woken up and sends the appropriate notifications to alert you.

Swaddle Stories keep track of your little one

Another feature that I really enjoyed was the daily Swaddle Stories. I receive them every morning and are a timelapse video of Landon in the crib over the last 24 hours. It is so intersting to see how much he moves in his sleep at night!  What a sweet momento to look back on when he is older. This has been something that I look forward to watching every day.

This camera system has been the definition of something I didn’t know I needed until I had. It has given me incredible piece of mind with my third child that a standard monitoring system could not have. The ease of use has been a wonderful relief in a sea of difficult things that come with a new baby. I have already advised at least four other mothers that this is a must have for their registries. If you are looking for a superior way to monitor your new baby’s sleep, put CocoonCam on your registry. You can’t beat the price for such a high quality system and it even has a 100 night guarantee! I’ll be over here, relaxing in peace because my CocoonCam app just sent a notification: “Looks like Landon went to the sleep.”

What helped you feel less nervous when making the transition to the crib?

Disclosure: Product was received for the review but all opinions are my own.

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