6 Science Experiments for Kids

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What will the kids do over the Summer!? This conversation seems to happen earlier and earlier each year. Every parent wants to keep the kids bodies moving over the summer, but we also want to keep their mind active too. Lucky of us there are some pretty cool educational summer camps that offer creative innovation, collaboration and exploration!

Inspired by the Galileo Camps we wanted to share six science experiments you can do right at home to help get you through winter but excited for Summer!

Science Experiments for Kids

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6 Science experiments for kids using stuff you already have at home

1. How to Make a Bouncy Ball from The 36th Avenue
If you only knew how easy bouncy balls were to make, you’d be making them all of the time… and then hiding them, like you do with regular bouncy balls. This experiment is quick and easy and squishy, too!

2. Balloon Experiments with Candy from Learn Play Imagine
It’s going to take a little bit of convincing on your part to get your kids to sacrifice all of that candy for a science experiment, but we’re pretty sure that when they see the results, they’ll get on-board pretty quickly.

3. Learning How Plants Absorb Water from Paging Fun Mums
There is a lot of fun to be had when Mom pulls out the food coloring and these science experiments take nothing more than that, plus some jars for water and some leftover veggies from your fridge. Not only will they love watching the leaves transform as they soak up the colors, but they’ll also be relieved that they don’t have to have that cabbage for dinner!

4. Crystal Names from Playdough to Plato
Save this idea for a rainy day! Try making their names in crystals or individual letters that they can use to spell different words — a science lesson and a spelling lesson wrapped into one experiment!

5. Pine Cone Experiment for Kids from Lemon Lime Adventures
So many of our kids’ questions about science are from what they’re witnessing in nature. Take advantage of their curiosity with an experiment that combines the two, like this simple, easy pine cone experiment.

6. Walking on Eggs from Steve Spangler Science
Wait a minute… you want our kids to walk on eggs? It’s all in the name of science, Mom! This science experiment will get kids of all ages excited to see the results. But, we highly suggest you take those trash bags on the supply list seriously. Very seriously.

Galileo Summer Camps

Camp Galileo’s award-winning curriculum liberates pre-K – 5th graders to explore without fear of mistakes. The experience is profound—and it’s a blast. Four new weekly themes combine art, science and outdoor activities into a whimsical narrative that keeps kids giggling and engaged.

Galileo Camps offer three options:
• Camp Galileo (Pre-K to 5th Grade)
• Summer Quest (5th to 8th Grade)
• Summer Camps @ The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose (4th to 8th graders)

Galileo is on a mission to develop innovators who envision and create a better world. Their camps are are offered in the Bay Area and now with four NEW Los Angeles locations – Brentwood, Manhattan Beach, West LA and Culver City.

A summer of innovation, collaboration, and exploration!

Galileo Camps encourages kids to brainstorm and think like innovators through a variety of hands-on projects and activities. With weekly imagination-sparking themes and in-depth majors like Digital Photography, Fashion Design, Inventors Workshop, Go Kart Builders, Video Game Design, 3D Modeling and Printing, and Chefology just to name a few.

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Guarantee your spot—and your savings—by March 2 and you can change your camp date or location through May 1 for absolutely no fee!

What will your kids do this Summer?


Disclosure: Thank you Galileo Learning for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to share and experience Galileo camps.

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