Time to clean out the cosmetic bag!

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Cosmetic Bag Detox

Hello 2014! It’s a new year and you might be getting the sudden urge to clean and de-clutter. This is a very common reaction. but do not attempt too many changes all at once — do things in stages, my friend.  Consider starting small and taking a complete inventory of your beauty products and clean out your cosmetics drawer or bags. Throw out that crusty mascara and the electric blue eyeshadow you’ve only worn once.

To motivate you, I suggest you treat yourself to a brand new cosmetic bag, one that you don’t want to be filled with beauty products you never use.  Depending on what type of beauty product hoarder you are, you may need more than one bag.  It’s important to sort and put similar products together so that you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Many of us also have daily makeup and then we have our going out or special occasion makeup. Separate them from one another. There is no reason to have your hot red lipsticks in with your carpool pick up pinks.

Another great time to de-clutter your cosmetics stash is when you are about to travel.  What you take with you on a trip are truly the things you use and need.  So while packing up a new cosmetics bag take notice of what you are leaving behind. That might be a good indicator of what you might want to pitch.

If you have been wearing the same makeup for years, it might be time to visit a cosmetics counter and update your color palette and seek some advice.  Don’t be embarrassed, simply tell them you need an update and want a simple but refreshing new look.

How often do you replace your cosmetic bag?


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