Our Un-Traditional Holidays

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Our family is not the strict holiday tradition type.  We seem to do something different each and every year.  Of course we decorate the Christmas tree, hang the stockings and break out that crazy Elf on the Shelfeach year.  Oh and I love watching all the Christmas movies, but we have celebrated the holidays all over the place.  Our relatives live far away so every year it changes based on who is coming to visit us, or who we are going to visit.

We’ve hosted large gatherings or just one grandma.  We have gone to a good friends house or just stay home by ourselves and watch movies.  This year we went to the beach on Christmas Eve and watched the sunset, we had never done that before. I really enjoyed it and maybe that will be a new holiday tradition for us.

Most years I bake cookies or decorate gingerbread men with the kids, but this year we skipped the baking and decorating.  I usually love designing and sending out our Christmas Cards, but this year I just wasn’t in the mood.  Some years we eat a traditional ham dinner and one year we just ordered Chinese food.  We like to mix it up each year and we don’t really care if we are in the same place, at the same time or eating the same thing each year, just as long as we are together and having fun.

This year we traveled on Christmas Day and spent the entire day on an airplane and it was just fine.   Next year who knows where we will be going or even living?  Traditions are nice and I do treasure some traditions but I do not live by them. I like to experience all kinds of people, places and things so if I have a favorite holiday tradition it’s probably the tradition of not knowing exactly how we will celebrate it each year.  I guess you can call it the element of our Holiday Surprise!

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