New color features for the Orbit Baby G3.

Orbit Baby G3: New stroller for 2014

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Coming in February 2014, the Orbit Baby G3

New Orbit Baby G3

Orbit Baby is a relatively new company offering a premium line of stroller and car seat systems. They are the first to innovate the 360° rotating stroller, so you can face baby anywhere — away from the sun, toward you at a restaurant table or park bench, or facing you while you stroll. Orbit Baby focuses on the latest safety technology and engineering and ergonomic design as well as non-toxic, environmentally-friendly materials.

G3: New stroller for 2014

The third wave of improvements from Orbit Baby comes out in February 2014, called the G3. The Orbit Baby G3 is a luxury convertible stroller that is all about customizing your ride just the way you want it. Everything is sold separately, so you buy only what you will use. You select the base, seat, storage, colors, and accessories.

New color features for the Orbit Baby G3.

Orbit Baby G3 features a black or grey frame and colored canopies.

Stroller base improvements

Orbit Baby has made several changes in the base for version G3. Firstly, choose between either a grey or black color. The handles are better — a hybrid of foam from the G1 and the handlebar design from the G2 for better gripping and easier up and down with buttons on the tips to telescope.
Brakes are one touch: green for going, red for stopping and flip-flop friendly, clear as day.
Now there are two cup holders between the handle bars, where in previous years there was only one.
The fold is much better with just a twist of the axle on the frame. Before you had to push a safety release button, but Orbit Baby found it was unnecessary and we like it simple! It is fast and extremely easy, just twist, lift and done.


Choose your canopy color: Peach, Mint, Teal, Blueberry and Raspberry

Fabrics and colors

The G3 now has a knit fabric in all the car seats and toddler seats that is more breathable and soft. Your baby won’t get too warm as the previous fabrics often had the tendency to do. The fabric has no flame retardant chemicals and passes the Oeko-Tex criteria, a strict certification standard used mostly in Europe.

Lastly, select your favorite canopy color to complete your customized look. Orbit Baby has five eye-catching colors to choose from: Peach, Mint, Teal, Blueberry and Raspberry. Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Oh this is a must have. I love the purple! The design is so pretty and I like the braking system of red stop and green go. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Purple is my favorite, too! And you can’t get any more simple than the red and green brakes. Orbit Baby’s a winner!

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