One Savvy Sassy Kindergartener!

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Mck 1st Day 3So the Big day came and went! And not much to report.  Yes, the day was a HUGE success of course but my daughter seemed to be like an old pro at this and acted as if  “This is NOT a big deal people!”  In her world I guess it wouldn’t be that big of deal.  In her short 4.8 years she has been to many Pre-Schools (including 2 in other countries)  So she adapts very well to new places, teachers and new kids.  She’s been around the block!

The school uniform consists of khaki or denim pants, shorts or skirts and a T-Shirt/Polo in either Navy blue, Light Blue, White or Red.  Which is just fine with me because Blue looks so good on McKenna:)  and this also helps me save money by not dressing the little fashionista!  So the only creativity in the outfit is in the socks, shoes and hair accessories!

99 Cent StoreWe had the new backpack and matching lunch bag all ready to go but I just needed some smaller sized plastic containers to fit into her lunch bag.   I had seen these at a children’s store, but was shocked by the price, $18.50 for 4 small containers.

I knew my Savvyness could do better!  So McKenna and I took a little trip to the 99 cents store to buy our  re-usable plastic containers.  There were thousands to choose from, all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes and each one was only…yup you guessed it – 99 cents!  I had her test out each and every one  just to be sure she would be able to open and close them at school.  We bought 8 containers and a set of spoons for just under $10 bucks!

It was the two Grandma’s that seemed to be more excited and nervous about the big day.  I recieved the cutest “Boo-Hoo/Woo-Hoo” care package from Grandma Merrilee who is a school teacher that lives in Florida.  This package was for ME, the mom who justMck 1st day 6 watched her little girl go off to school.  Inside it had a variety of little gifts including some travel size kleenex (for the tears, that never fell)  and a notepad that read “Enough with the Juice Boxes, it’s time for a Cocktail!”  This was so thoughtful and creative!  We also got a delivery after school from Grandma Debbie, she sent us an Ediable Arrangment, a fruit bouquet that was very fresh and super sweet!  Considering it was 100 degrees that day it was the perfect (and refreshing) after school snack!

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  2. I love her pose in the first picture! That is just too cute.

    Lucky you about the gift packages.

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