Olivia the Pig!

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Olivia the Pig sml 1This past saturday my daughter, McKenna, and I went to meet Olivia the Pig, live and in person! For those of you who don’t know, Olivia is a Sassy little piglet with way too much energy for her own good. (everyone who has kids can understand that) Just reading about what Olivia does in a single day will wear you out! (and her too) She’s most famous for her red dress and white striped tights, but she also loves to dress up (because who doesn’t) Olivia also enjoys going to the beach and even plays soccer.

And where else would Olivia make a special appearance?

None other than This Little Piggy Wears Cotton, of course! This Little Piggy Wears Cotton is a fantastic and whimsical children’s store in Santa Monica that carries the latest and greatest in children’s clothing, books and accessories. You can always count on their Savvy Sassy staff to provide a great shopping experience and they’re always creating special events to make even their littlest customers feel like VIP’s  – Very Important Piggies!Olivia the Pig sml 2

We arrived just in time for Olivia’s book reading, fashion show and photo shoot.  Olivia brought along her own personal closet so she could share with all the little ones in the audience. There was something for everyone with red dresses (of course) feathered boas, sunglasses, tiaras, wands and even top hats!  The girls even got to take their picture with Olivia and a few lucky girls got to kiss her right on the snout! It was a riot for moms and kids alike.

Well worth the short drive for us, and a wonderful “girls day out” for me and my daughter!

Not close to a Piggy Store, shop them (oinkline) littlepiggy.com

OliviaOlivia by Ian Falconer

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  1. This sounds like a cute day for your and your daughter! I’m reading mom blogs like yours because I just brought home a baby boy and, well, I have some learning to do on the subject of parenting. Pigs are a topic I’m sure I’ll revisit. I’ll keep reading SSM, and feel free to check out http://www.dadblast.com

    All my best,

  2. Oh how CUTE!!!! We love Olivia.. I wish NickJR would come back already… Spongbob and iCarly are getting on my nerves!!

  3. I am a mommy of an Olivia Fanatic! She would have LOVED to see Olivia Live!! We are local to the Orange County Area. Do you know if any of the This Little Piggy stores will be having Olivia back again anytime soon? Or maybe where else I may be able to find her live!??! Thanks for any info you can offer! :0)


  4. Goodmorning
    awesome post – i’m creating video about it and i will post it to youtube !
    if you wana to help or just need a link send me email !

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