New! I Want Candy from Gap Kids

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Holiday parties are coming and what better way to dress the part then with Gap just released I Want Candy Collection!

Where classic Gap styling meets your frilly fashionista with garments full of bling, tulle, flowers and pinks.  So sweet and sassy and just perfect for pictures or a special holiday occasion.

Some of our favorite pieces for big girls..

1. Sweet Tooth Tee,  2. Tulle Layered skirt,   3. Rosette Sash dress, 4. Rosette Handbag  5. Tulle Flower Flats


..and for those adorable toddlers…

1.  Luxe Rosette Cardigan 2. Floral Tulle Skirt   3.  Tulle ruffled dress 4. Striped Candy Bag 5. Pink Dress Coat



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Tracy is the mother of three girls and works as a freelance writer and in the children's fashion industry. She loves finding and shopping for the latest trends yet keeps her closets full of classic and whimsical styles and loves to scour thrift stores. Tracy enjoys running, traveling, baking, shopping, drinking red wine, wearing high heels and telling really bad jokes to her children. Blog

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