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Okay so you have seen the critter caps, animal hats, furry friends on the kid’s heads trend this season, right?  They are everywhere! Well at least in the lucky cold weather states!

I seriously laugh with love when I drop my kids at school and view a sea of pandas, koalas, bears and kittens walking into the school each morning.  I always bought cute little bear type ear hats for my girls when they were babies – but I am loving this animal hat trend that even the teens are now wearing. These hats are so hot this year that they are selling out everywhere…in fact the hats my daughter’s are wearing in the above photo are completely sold out now.

Here are some of our favorites still available for a great holiday gift!

1. Zebra hat from Gymboree  2. Koala cap from The Children’s Place  3. Panda SpiritHood faux fur hat from Nordstroms  4.  Frog hat from Justice  5. Kitty hat from

What do you think – I think you’d be adorable in a panda cap!

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Tracy is the mother of three girls and works as a freelance writer and in the children's fashion industry. She loves finding and shopping for the latest trends yet keeps her closets full of classic and whimsical styles and loves to scour thrift stores. Tracy enjoys running, traveling, baking, shopping, drinking red wine, wearing high heels and telling really bad jokes to her children. Blog

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  1. You know what I love best about this trend, it means that teens & tweens are actually wearing hats. Beats when I was that age and we were all too concerned about our “claw” bangs to wear hats.

    Also, I can knit these. I made M a pink monkey eared hat that she requested and she wears it without question.

  2. I think these are hilarious! My husband actually ordered one of the more plush ones for our daughter (16 mos.) a few months ago, and I about die every time she puts it on. It’s so ridiculously cute. Who knew a baby would look adorable with a cheetah on her head?

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