eBay mother's day gifts

Mother’s Day gifts that will make you shine! #eBayMom

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Mother’s Day gifts

Mother’s Day comes around every year and I always try to help all the savvy sassy dads by creating a list of items that are practical and an actual list of things I would want.  Sure, diamonds are an amazing gift and flowers, well they’re pretty but to be honest, I’d rather open a few gift with things I can actually use or wear in my daily life. Which is why I’ve curated two more eBay collection’s for Mother’s Day!  Both of these collections are stylish and practical.

It didn’t take me long to find lots of items that make perfect gift for Mom, you can even wrap some of these up and have them be from the kids!  Why not bring the kids over to the computer and shop the eBay Mother’s Day gifts with them!  Let them help pick out something for Mom!

Make Mom find her gifts!

One of my most memorable Mother’s Days’ was when my husband had the kids help him hide my gifts and I had to go on a scavenger hunt around the house looking for them!  This was a fun way to involve the kids and make it exciting.  Kids love to help, and want to make their Mom feel special on Mother’s Day so ask them what their ideas are for how to celebrate, they might come up with something better than you!

WIN $500 eBay shopping spree!

Now, If you are a Mom reading this and peeking at my Mother’s Day collections, act surprised when you open one of these cool gifts!  And if your husband does opt for the traditional flowers, don;t worry because you can create your own #eBayMom collection for a chance to win a $500 eBay shopping spree!

What could be better than spending $500 on yourself this Mother’s Day?

Shop the Mother’s day gift on eBay

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post from ebay

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