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Do you love pictures? Are you the one always taking them– a member of the “mamarazzi” perhaps?

Since becoming a mom, I’ve especially noticed that it is typically moms behind the camera. While there are certainly plenty of great male/dad photographers, I’ve not heard the term “dadarazzi”–instead “mamarazzi” is the token phrase. I’m not entirely sure why this is–maybe the emotional connection? the creativity?–but whatever the case, it certainly seems to be common.

It’s definitely true in our family–my husband seems to only take a picture if I hand him the camera and tell him what to photograph!  But, I’m taking pictures all the time! Since becoming a mom, and now, since getting a dslr camera, photography is certainly one of my favorite (and newest) endeavors!  I’ve loved pictures for as long as I can remember though–my grandparents had a polaroid and I loved watching the photo appear. I remember my first camera too–a trusty, fashionanable, sassy totally 80s, fluorescent green 110mm film camera!  Since then, thankfully, my camera equipment has gotten FAR better–and much cooler looking!  And, oh my, some of the accessories are SO cute! Here’s my sassy SheyB camera strap:

Sheyb camera strap

Pretty, huh?!

And, have you heard of Epiphanie camera bags? I just discovered them and TOTALLY want one!  Who knew a camera bag could be so sassy?!

While the accessories are totally cool, the best thing about photography is knowing how to use your camera and actually taking fantastic photos!  I recently  took a photography workshop from the fabulous Val Westover and am amazed at how much I learned! There is so much I can now do with the camera and am rockin’ FULL MANUAL mode!!

I totally recommend taking a class or workshop, specifically Val’s if you can. And,  if you live near Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Austin, Dallas, Las Vegas, or Phoenix–you can!!   Even better, right now (until Feb. 25th), you can enter to win a seat at one of these photography workshops as Val is giving away TWO!!   Head over to Mom Endeavors to enter!

This post was written by Sara one of the newest Savvy Sassy contributors. She’s a mom of two little guys and clearly a picture-taking fanatic! You can read more from her over at Mom Endeavors!

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  1. I am dying to get that photography bag! I’ve seen it in several giveaways and LOVE it! I also need to get one of those snazzy strap covers! My husband’s wallet thanks you for this post. 🙂

  2. I love their bags and am in desperate need for one! Possibly for Mother’s Day? And heck, my husband better throw in a new lens with that! =)

    I am always behind the camera. I joke with my husband that when my daughters look back at old pictures, they are going to wonder where I was at the entire time – stuck behind the camera.

    Heading off to check out the giveaway.

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