Meet Lisa, The Mom of Teens

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Meet Lisa, the New Owners of Savvy Sassy Moms

Just like any parent, my parenting style has evolved over time. At this stage of my life, I am in a unique place where all of my children are teenagers. The Mom of Teens, MOT, depicts a moment in time for me as a parent. Here’s what it’s like:

The MOT: shops with her children and borrows her daughters’ tops while lending her daughters her own shoes.

The MOT: self talks.

The MOT: role models for her children to become contributing members of the community.

The MOT: encourages her children to take risks and learn from their mistakes.

The MOT: keeps to a timely schedule that runs to the minute… one small task added to the schedule could have a severe impact on the day.

The MOT: goes to sleep before her children.

The MOT: understands the importance of date night with her husband, which she knows is setting an example for her children’s relationships later on in life.

The MOT: learns technology through her children.

The MOT: sees what her children are up to on social media.

The MOT: maintains composure when her child comes home with a nose ring (not happy about It though).

The MOT: is a medical hobbyist, waiting it out when her children get a virus.

The MOT: listens to her children when they are sad or have a confrontation with a friend and gives them strategies and tips to move forward (without calling the other child’s parent).

The MOT: previously a helicopter mother, allows her children to thrive by letting go of the kite to soar (maybe an inch at a time).

The MOT: gives her children her advice when asked (occasionally when not) and hopes her feedback becomes their inner-voice, eventually.

The MOT: listens while her child cries on her way to university and then cries all the way home herself.

The MOT: is mindful of each and every minute she spends with her family.

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Meet the Author | Lisa

Lisa Kobrin is a mom to three children, aged 16, 19 and 21. She is passionate about education and loves home décor and fashion. She is a veteran mom and loves sharing all of her experiences with Savvy Sassy Moms readers. Lisa has put in her time as a mom of young children and now gets to get focus on her again! She loves fashion and beauty and is up to date on the latest trends for moms.

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