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I have been learning about MindBloom, which is probably why I felt the need to do a big  Mind Dump the other day.

Mindbloom is a Life Game that helps you to grow the Life you want.  By planting seeds, setting goals and then taking actions to achieve those goals.  At mindbloom it is all about choosing the areas of your life that you would like to improve and celebrating each success, no matter how small.

Your tree will start with the 3 areas of the life you want to impove upon the most, I chose Career, Creativity and Health.  You will choose “action items” and then when you complete those actions you earn more seeds for you to move forward and plant more actions.  Mindbloom is not a game of how quickly you can grow or the number of things you can complete.   Many of you are probably like me,  always in such a hurry to do it all.  But Mindbloom won’t let you,  Mindblom is set up to slow you down and allows you to really think about your choices and commit to how you live your life.

We all need some support!  So you won’t feel like the only tree in the forest, you can invite friends to grow their own trees!  By inviting friends you can share each others progress, send messages and encourage one another.   I invited my husband to join me and he thought it was pretty cool so he planted a tree and now we can support each other in the areas we each want to work on.  I just sent him a message today telling him that I appreciated all his help with the kids this weekend.  I think this can be a great tool for married couples to communicate what they want and what they may need some help with.

Once you create an account and plant your tree you will recieve Daily Mindbloom e-mails with an inspiring quote and a friendly reminder to check in later that day after you complete any of your actions.  My days can get buried in so much busyness that these daily reminders help keep me on track with what’s important to me.  It is the one e-mail I am excited to get each morning.  It’s like having a good friend giving you a little positive poke!”

With the digital world and so many of us on the computer for most of the day it’s nice to have a
space online to remind us of the world offline.

Before you Bloom you may want to read and add to my Mind Dump it can be pretty theraputic!


Disclosure:  I was asked to give MindBlooom feedback on their website and write about my experience using MindBloom.  My thoughts and feelings are my own and completley honest.

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  4. You know I checked them out super briefly and was intent on trying it out. By the time I moved my lazy butt the sign up date was over for the free year) – I guess proof that I needed it.

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