Mind Dump!

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How do you do it ALL?
I mean, I am really trying to balance everything!
Ok get ready because here goes a big  Mind DUMP…

Kids, School Fundraisers, PTA, Volunteering, Room Mom, Playdates, Birthday Parties, Activities, Quality Time, Homework, Lunches, Bathtime, Reading, Parenting, Cleaning, Laundry,Organizing, Groceries, Cooking, Paying Bills, Doctor’s Appointments, Travel, Pictures, Keepsakes, Art Projects, Spouse, Date Nights, Sex, Friends, Girlfriends, Keeping in touch with Family, Grandma’s, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Work, Career, Socializing, Current Events, World View, Faith, Politics, Creativity, Emotions, Communication, Interactions, Alone Time, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Hygeine, Grooming, Fresh Air, Relaxing, Yoga, Working, Networking, Growing, Learning, Business, Technology, Bookkeeping, Filing, Finances, Cars, Community, Charities, Helping Others, Sharing Resources, House Maintenance, Decorating, Home Organization, Hobbies, Family Pictures & Albums, Holidays, Fashion, Trends, Style, Well Being… oh, and lets not forget Sleeping!

And what is fueling the fire…
Purpose, Drive, Commitment, Success, Failure, Perception, Goals, Values,
Worth, Expectations, Achievement, Happiness and Fulfillment.

Important Quesions I guess I need to ask myself are…
What is important to me?  What are my priorities?  What matters to me, the most? Why am I always in such a hurry, why does everything need to get done today?  What makes me happy?  What do I enjoy doing the most?  When am I at my best?  Who is judgeing me?  Where does pressure come from?  What am I trying to live up to?  Am I doing too much?  Are there things I should change?

What exactly is “Living your BEST LIFE”?
Is anyone living their BEST LIFE?

Can you ever really get to your BEST LIFE?
or is the journey and the seeking of it the closest you’re gonna get?

Feel free to do your own Mind Dump or just add to mine…

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  3. You covered it my girl! You know what? I think that I actually am living my best life. Is it perfect? N.F.W, but I think that part of it being the best is that I’ve taken some of the ‘perfection pressure’ off of myself. Am I think skinniest? Nope, but I like myself. Is my house the cleanest? Absolutely not, but by letting some things go (and as a Virgo it is really difficult, but I’m learning) I think I’m happier. My best life includes making the choice to love my life as is, rather than constantly striving for perfection. Cliche, but without the valleys we wouldn’t recognize the peaks. Fantastic post! xox
    .-= L.A. Stylist Mom´s last blog ..LASM Styles The Hollywood Housewife! =-.

  4. Yep, that just about covers it, Andrea! : )

    I think for me, Living My Best Life means going to bed each night knowing that I did the best that I could with what I had at the time I was doing it throughout my day (even if it wasn’t perfect!), to appreciate each moment as much as possible without worrying too much about what came before or will come afterwards, to let myself off the hook if I think I fell short somewhere (knowing I’ll have another chance soon enough to put what I’ve learned from that to use!), to not take life or myself too seriously because it’s a lot more fun to laugh and enjoy the ride, to let my kids know every day that I love them no matter what (and to remember to let my Self know that about myself in some way each day too) – and then to wake up excited about the opportunities my day holds the next morning! Have I got all that down yet every day – heck no! But I’ve come a long way and am perfectly OK with being a work in progress!

    In a nutsehll – basically what LA Stylist Mom said above! : )

  5. Everyday we have choices and by making better, more positive choices I think the ride can go much more smoothly! Appreciation is definatly a key ingredient – there is so much to be happy about:)

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