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We knew it was time to get our youngest out of her crib when we kept finding her up in her sister’s very high loft bed telling us what a “big girl” she was. As much as we (okay, me) were still perfectly fine with the crib, it was now time for an upgrade. The problem is, we basically saw two choices. You either go flat-packed Swedish design or some gigantic plastic monstrosity in the shape of Mickey Mouse — neither of which works as a long-term solution. So when I came across Maxtrix Kids Furniture I was sold, done, where do I sign. Maxtrix Kids Furniture will be all you need to furnish the bedroom of your child’s dreams no matter their age, stage, or your family size.


All about Maxtrix Kids Furniture

Maxtrix Kids Furniture makes children’s beds that are fully customizable for all your families needs. You pick the finish on their premium hardwood, pick the height and the accessories. Do you need a just a basic twin bed? They’ve got that. Do you need a hard to find triple bunk or an even harder to find quad-bunk with a staircase in the middle? Got those too! They’ve even got storage solutions for every bedroom size.

If you’ve got questions, their website offers online chat with specialists who can answer every question you can come up with, and believe me, I had a lot. The (many) specialists I spoke to helped me figure out the configuration I needed, tips on putting our bed together, and even chatted with me about color choices for the playhouse curtain when I was stuck between two colors. As an indecisive person by nature, I cannot tell you how much their expert advice helped make the process a smooth one.

How Matrix Kid’s Furniture grows with your family

The beauty in Maxtrix Kid’s Furniture is that these beds grow and change with your family’s needs. What is a basic twin today, can be easily be turned into a bunk bed when it’s time for a sibling to move in. Or an entire castle bed set up and be turned into a basic bed when your child grows up and out of the “fun bed” stage. Maxtrix Kids Furniture will truly be the last bed you ever buy and knowing that I will never be stuck with something that won’t fit my families needs at some point gives me so much peace of mind. I’ve already got plans to raise up our low loft to a high loft so I can create a study space with a desk under the bed when the time comes. Seriously, how cool is that?


Our Maxtrix bed

I knew, for Abigail, I wanted some sort of loft style bed. However, since she is only 3, I didn’t want it too high. We also didn’t want to get her something too “baby-ish” that she will hate in a few years. The low-loft style twin bed was perfect. At about 50” high at the top rails it’s high enough to make her feel “big kid” but still low enough where I can tuck her in and kiss her goodnight while standing at it. Speaking of the guard rails, they are high. Turns out they are a full 11” high which is higher than the average 5” bunk bed railing. There is no way this child will fall out of this bed, even with the 6” mattress I put in there.


We loved customizing our Maxtrix bed

After deciding on a height, next was a choice between one of three headboard and footboard styles. I decided on the curved as it looked more girly to me, and in person, it is so beautiful. Next were ladder options, and thankfully they do give you options. We chose an angled ladder with almost 4” steps and a handrail for safety. And honestly, I’m so glad we went for this ladder because I am up on this bed every night for bedtime stories. Our choice made it easier for ME to get in and out.

In case you were wondering, Federal Safety Standards on weight limits for bunch beds is 400 pounds. Maxtrix beds can withstand up to 800 pounds and still be safe! So if my entire family wanted to get in on some bedtime story action we are still good to go. 


A bed plus play space in one piece of furniture

Lastly, since we were getting a loft style bed I wanted to go with a curtain under the bed turning that space into a whole playhouse, complete with roll-up door, real windows and adorable curtains with velcro tie-back details. To make this space even cozier I added a super soft shag rug, storage boxes for toys and a throw pillow. The playhouse has become the central play space for both Abigail, her older sister, any visiting friends, the pets, and to be honest, you will often find my husband and me in there as well.

The arrival of our Maxtrix bed

Our bed arrived in less than a week, on a pallet and in several boxes. Since I am impatient and I love to put things like this together I decided to tackle the job of putting the bed together by myself. The first thing you notice about the furniture is how sturdy and solid each piece is. Maxtrix furniture is made from premium grade, sustainably harvested solid hardwoods like Maple, Birch, and Aspen so each piece is strong and will last.

When actually putting the pieces together I was surprised by how perfectly everything lined up with no gaps, missing pieces, or wasted space. The instructions were easy to follow, step-by-step, and clear. I put it together myself in a couple hours. However, I probably would have my husband help me next time, especially if doing anything larger than a low-loft twin bed.

Tips for transitioning to a big kid bed

Does Abbey love her bed? You have no idea. This child hugged it after we showed it to her. While the first night was filled with more giggling than sleeping, the second day and beyond has gotten much better. She absolutely loves her new big girl bed and my husband I will forever be recommending Maxtrix Kids Furniture from now on. The quality of the bed is beyond what we were expecting, and the design is unbeatable. Plus, the customer service is top notch. It really doesn’t get any better than this. Sweet dreams, big girl!

1. Pick the right time

When approaching a milestone such as this make sure the timing is right for your little one. If your toddler is already overwhelmed with other huge changes in his life like potty training, moving homes, changing schools, new sibling, etc., you might want to consider waiting until things slow down a bit. Toddlers have a tendency to get overwhelmed easily and will look for comfort in familiar spaces and things. Because of this, when it’s time to give up his crib, it might be best to wait until this is the only big change happening for maximum success.

 2.  Keep your toddler involved

Amp up your toddler’s excitement and want to transition by keeping your child involved in all aspects of picking out their bed. We did a full bedroom makeover. I showed Abigail every little decoration and hook, asking for her input the entire time. By the time the day came, there was no way she was NOT going to be sleeping in that bed.

 3.  Be patient

Next to potty training, the big kid bed will be the biggest change in their little lives. Be patient and prepare yourself for some night time visits  — or very early mornings. (We had no idea she was this early of a riser!) The trick we’ve learned is to just walk her back to her room with a short hug and kiss and then out we go. Any prolonged snuggle sessions will only encourage these visits.

4.  Take precautions

Now is a great time to put some extra childproofing to good use. My kid won’t even dare to climb up my cabinets while I’m standing right there. However, all bets are off if she’s wandering the house at 3:00 a.m. unsupervised. Double check all dangerous (and expensive) products are out of reach and cabinets are locked. Do whatever else you need to do to ensure your child is safe. Better safe than sorry! As much as we would like to think our children behave out of sight, we all have been parents long enough to know that’s not usually how it goes with 2 and 3-year-olds. If you find that staying in bed is becoming an issue, consider a reward system similar to potty training. Anything to keep the process and positive and happy one.

When did you transition your little one to a big-kid bed?

Girl on bunk bed

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