Make the most of your kids’ screen time {Giveaway}

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Toddlet Screen Time Best Apps and Learning Programs
Fun kids’ apps and other programs for quality screen time

Like it or not, screens are a part of all of our lives. Try to make the best decisions about screen time limits and screen time use for your kids by choosing TV shows, apps, and games that parents and kids both enjoy. With the right choices, screen time doesn’t have to be a point of contention in families.

BabyTV offers a complete screen time experience

BabyTV is a commercial-free option for parents of young children. The shows and apps are developed by experts and focus on kids under four, introducing fun character like Charlie & The Numbers to introduce counting, Big Bugs Band, who play all different styles of music and The Cuddlies – short stories with a moral. BabyTV isn’t only about letting kids spend time watching action unfold on a screen — there are interactive activities that reinforce learning in fun, exciting ways.

An app to help young readers increase comprehension

Question Builder knows reading comprehension isn’t only about knowing the words on a screen. The app builds critical thinking skills with 1200 audio clips of questions and answers, based on three different levels of abstract thinking.

Young wizards will love the Mathly Hallows

Complaints about the Common Core abound, apps can help kids have fun with math skills within the standards set forth by the Common Core. Work on mental math skills at various levels and protect the Mathly Hallows from monsters. Kids earn different levels from apprentice to master wizard, and parents receive progress reports about the different levels their kids are reaching.

CHALK Online Preschool Savvy Sassy Moms

Try an online preschool curriculum

CHALK Preschool Online provides an opportunity for parents to access a preschool curriculum developed by a brick and mortar school from the comfort of their homes. CHALK combines online activities, taught by a person on the screen, with hands-on activities. Daily art projects encourage kids to learn, and dance and music are part of the curriculum to build motor skills in a fun, organic way.

The comprehensive curriculum includes core subjects such as literacy, math, and science.

  • Preschool lessons align with Early Childhood Learning Standards
  • Hands-on activities
  • Integration of cooking, geography, and weather
  • Play-Based teaching methods
  • Both indoor and outdoor activities
  • References using real life visuals
  • Optional activities that continue the learning beyond the computer

CHALK Preschool

CHALK Preschool Online knows you can use screen time to access a quality preschool curriculum for your little ones, but sometimes you want high-quality, family-friendly entertainment options, too. We love CHALK’s “Chaulkutainment”:

Let’s face it. Screening every bit of entertainment your child watches is no easy task. Our Chalk-U-Tainment library is for families seeking high-quality, child-safe content they can feel good about letting their child explore. Subscribers get on-demand access to hours of music videos, webisodes, kids’ talk shows and interactive books that can be viewed across a variety of devices, at home or on the go.

Try CHALK Preschool Online {giveaway!}

CHALK Preschool Online is providing one Savvy Sassy Moms reader with a complimentary scholarship to the online preschool! You’ll have access to the resources and curriculum available to all CHALK Preschool students and can get started at any time.

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  1. I am very new to the “screen time” but am interested in winning and learning more 🙂

  2. I really like Chalk Preschool, but I was dissapointed when they were no longer free as we are on a tight budget right now. My three year old know the month and season we were in and was learning his alphabet pretty quickly, just from watching the daily videos. I hope we win the year scholarship!

  3. We use screen time on the TV and tablet to help my children learn the alphabet, practice counting, and for listening to fun songs and stories.

  4. We try to play along with our children. If it’s a reading game, we sound out the letters together. If it’s a math game, we count together. Learning should be fun!

  5. We’ve used screen time for for the past seven years. Websites, apps and videos have all helped reinforce math and reading. Thank you!

  6. We use screen time for my daughter to learn colors and shapes. We also let her be creative and do e-artwork

  7. We use screen time for our daughter to help her with her abc’s and numbers to be able to visually associate them with the sound.

  8. We have a certain amount of time that they are allowed screen time to learn our alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors

  9. My favorite us of screen time it to reinforce concepts that I have taught my 3year old.

  10. We use screen time on a tablet and try different apps that are free. We try to find ones that have learning tools. We tried a popular problem but wasn’t very happy with it.

  11. We use it to teach our child her abc, numbers, and shapes and whatever else. It helps keep my child interested and not get bored.

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