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Eat LA: What lil’ foodies are eating

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Where Lil' Foodies Eat in LA

Where Lil’ Foodies Eat in LA

Dining with kids in Los Angeles

There is a new wave of dining with kids in LA. The culinary scene in LA is exploding and I can’t think of a better reason your foodie-in-training shouldn’t carpe diem. From food trucks to fine-dining, LA eateries and top chefs are focusing more and more on pint-sized diners and families. Gone are the days of fried chicken fingers, personal pizzas and mac & cheese. Now? Expect Mary’s Farm chicken with root vegetables, flatbreads and homemade macaroni and cheese with treasures like black truffles and chunks of fresh lobster mixed in.

Been there.

The Fat Cow. So you and your tyke are at The Grove, ready to grab some grub, hoping not to have to do The Cheesecake Factory and American Place Cafe (again). Enter Gordon Ramsay. The star of Master Chefs Junior and Hell’s Kitchen has opened The Fat Cow and serves up a variety of stone baked pizzas, gourmet comfort food and The Moo Bar with desserts that will pack on the lbs. just by ready the descriptions. The Fat Cow // 189 The Grove Drive – Los Angeles, CA (323) 965-1020 www.thefatcow.com

The Fat Cow // The Grove

The Fat Cow // The Grove

What is my lil’ foodie eating? The Smoked Salmon Pizza with caramelized onions and Cookie Milk Ice Cream Sundae.

Done that.

WP24. When visiting LA Live downtown for a show or Laker’s game, things can get cray-cray. Especially, when you are with the fam-dam. Well what would you say if I told you about a magical place, above the chaos, high above the neon lights, where they served foods that even the little bitties are excited to try? OK, so maybe they aren’t ready for Wolfgang Puck’s signature Angry Lobster, but they will be delighted with the Shanghai Noodles. WP24 // 900 W Olympic Blvd – Los Angeles, CA (213) 743-8824 www.wolfgangpuck.com

WP24 // LA Live

WP24 // LA Live

What is my lil’ foodie eating? The Chinese Crystal Dumplings and Crispy Pain d’ Espice with caramel braised apple, spiced donuts, miso butterscotch and cider sorbet.

And this.

Montage Beverly Hills. Afternoon tea might only sound like a light snack; however the tower of goodness they present at your table is abundant. Families are embraced during this mid-day tradition at Montage Beverly Hills where dad’s are offered a proper Gentlemen’s Tea (pie and scotch,) mom’s can toast Veuve with the Royal Tea, and tots are presented with the Royal Kid’s Tea served with a “champagne mocktail,”  bite sized Nutella, PB&J and grilled cheese sandwiches. Montage Beverly Hills // 225 N Canon Drive – Beverly Hills, CA 90210 www.montagebeverlyhills.com

Montage Beverly Hills // Afternoon Tea

Montage Beverly Hills // Afternoon Tea

What is my lil’ foodie eating? Nutella sandwiches, delicious scones, dad’s sliders and Tisane Passionberry Fruit tea.

Bought the t-shirt.

Still not entirely convinced that Lil’ Johnny is ready for Octopus a la Plancha? That’s OK, I hear you. Sometimes even adults are hoping for some fun some alternatives that are different, or maybe your limited on time. Have you heard of Lemonade? Spread out throughout Southern California, Lemonade is proof Chef Alan Jackson has redefined the fast casual dining experience. And it’s in a cafeteria setting — no joke. Grab a tray, choose one of the buffets filled with flavorful foods and enjoy a different type of fast food with the fam. To find a Lemonade nearest you, please visit www.lemonadela.com

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  1. Great post and love the pics! These restaurants and food look so good! My mouth is watering! Happy New Year! xo xo

  2. All of those places sound terrific. I definitely think that my daughter is ready for something a little more. Thanks for the info.

  3. Author

    Hi Mistee! There are a few more up my sleeve that I’d love to share. Especially, if you are in the LA area or come for a visit. Drop me a line and I’ll give you some more fab spots! Happy new year, Nicole

  4. Author

    Thank you, Cindy! I love snapping photos and beautiful dishes can be a great subject (especially, when my favorite little girl is the one modeling!) Thank you for stopping by and happy new year! – Nicole

  5. Author

    Hi Virginia,

    Yep! That Shirley Temple was not only delish, but had real cherries – not from the jar. I swear they brought my little foodie 4 or 5 of those skews by the time dinner was over. Happy new year! – Nicole

  6. Fat Cow looks good! I’ll have to wait till my toddler is older to appreciate the place but he’s definitely a foodie!

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