Catching my breath, and wanting less in 2014

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To all of you I have met online, at a blog conference, through a tweet, at a party, on a press trip, or through a mutual friend on Facebook or in pictures on Instagram… I wanted to take this opportunity to express my deepest and sincerest gratitude to you. I made this video months ago but never published it.  I thought now was a perfect time.

Without every single one of you I would not have been able to take this giant leap of faith and take this next step in my life. You have all touched me in some way whether you know it or no.  You have all given me the strength to move to Costa Rica and start living my passion.

Guatemala Coffee Cup

As I sit here on New Year’s Eve morning with my brand new coffee cup from Guatemala, (beautiful coffee cups make me happy) trying to think about what I want for 2014 I am completely stumped. I have been tossing and turning at night thinking about writing this post and I have been coming up empty every night.  Last year on New Year’s Eve I announced to the world that we would move to Costa Rica in 2013, and we’ve successfully done that!  So I feel a little pressure to write some grand ambitious post filled will all the great things I want to accomplish in 2014, then it occurred to me, what I want is less.

I started my blog in search of something, not sure exactly what I would find, and as it turns out I keep finding more of myself each and every year. I was there all along, but this blog and meeting all of you has brought out the best in me. I feel successful, strong and confident, three things I did not feel before I started Savvy Sassy Moms. So thank you. 2014 is sure to bring some changes and I am going to step quietly into the new year ready to embrace whatever the next chapter holds.  I want to do less. Yes, less.  While doing more of what is important.

We literally just returned from an incredible week long trip to Guatemala over Christmas and as I sat looking out at Lake Atitlan I thought about all that we did in 2013, and I sat proud and totally fulfilled and happy. I also was reminded once again how much I really love to travel and see new places and experience new things.

While in Guatemala visiting some of the villages around Lake Atitlan I also saw how some of the people there live with exactly what they need and no more. Which always reminds me of how much I have. Our tour guide said “We may not look rich on the outside but we’re rich within our hearts” which as been playing in my mind over and over again.

We have been living in Costa Rica for six months now and I think I am finally ready to slow it down. I want to do less but more of what is important and what truly matters or makes a difference in my work and life. So I might not have a big ol’ to do list for 2014, but I don’t want one.  I want to let 2014 take me wherever it wants me to go. I want to do things based on gut, feelings and emotions. I want to do things that matter to me and make decisions that not only make me happy but my family happy.

With that being said, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have one tiny thing up my sleeve for 2014…happy to announce that I have partnered with a longtime friend, Nadia Carriere of Child Mode to organize a social media retreat in Costa Rica for September 2014. The ROAR Retreat.



To doing less and more of what is truly important.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I love this post and it has been a HUGE pleasure to work with you in this little space of the internet! I’ve been finding myself feeling the same way lately…
    And, OMG, a retreat in Costa Rica?!?!?!? Yes, please! 😉

  2. That’s wonderful Andrea. All of it, moving to Costa Rica, your trip to Gaute (one of my favorite places on Earth), stepping back to take it all in, and the idea for the retreat. All the best is 2014.

  3. Love you and honored to have been a part of 2013 and I know we’ll be better than ever in 2014.

  4. Love this, my friend. Happy New Year! xo

  5. Happy New Year, my amazing friend! So very happy for your chance to catch your breath and LIVE. And I am very honored to be entering this new year on your team. xo

  6. happy to hear ROAR is happening!

    to a wonderful 2014 that is less but at the same time, more. xo

  7. True story: One of my absolute most favorite moments of 2013 was being with you the moment you received the text from Harris and burst, “Holy sh*t he bought our tickets to Costa Rica! We’re going!” And now this? I’m so grateful to be a part of the ride. xxoo

  8. Author

    Thank you Nicole. I love that our passion for travel and the finer things of life have brought us together!! Much more to come for us… like a private jet, no doubt.

  9. Author

    Thanks Susan. I am so grateful to have met you on that press trip in Salt Lake City! Happy travels in 2014.

  10. Author

    Thanks Vera – you are a person that I can always draw energy from. Hope 2014 brings you much happiness and continued success!

  11. Author

    Sherri – you are nothing short of AMAZING. I can’t even express how awesome you have been. SSM has a lot of moving parts and you are the super glue that holds it together. #grateful

  12. I’m so thrilled for you, Andrea. You deserve every moment of less… every moment of just being in the moment and savoring all that this life has to offer you.

    I’m certain that 2014 holds great things for you… both big and small.

  13. I kept looking for myself in the photo slides but then I realized I didn’t even SEE you in 2013! Hope to see you in 2014! I’d love to go to the ROAR Retreat but I don’t think I can afford the airfare.

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