Summer Accessories for Kids

Summer accessories for stylish kids

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Stock up of these stylish summer accessories for kids

Summertime is finally here and we’re ditching what’s in for the school year and replacing it with what’s in for summer fun. These summer accessories for kids are at the top of our style-must-haves, so stock up on what your kids will need to keep them cool, hip and happening, all summer long!

Stylish summer accessory #1: Goggles

Summer Accessories for Kids

For kids who think swim goggles are an absolute summer must-have, they’re going to do back flips (off the diving board, of course!), over the collection from Bling2O. Your kids will loved that these goggles are decked out — covered in cupcake sprinkles, heart-shaped bling and more — and you’ll love that they fit your kids’ little faces well in the pool and that they come with cases to avoid crushed lenses in the bottom of swim bags.

Top: Bling2O Raspberry Cheesecake Sprinkle Swim Goggles, Nordstrom, $22
Middle: Bling2O Sea Monster Swim Goggles, Nordstrom, $22
Bottom: Bling2O Peppermint Swirl Heart Shaped Swim Goggles, Nordstrom, $22

Stylish summer accessory #2: Bathing caps

Summer Accessories for Kids

Dolphin & Shark Swim Caps, Pottery Barn Kids, $16 each

Three cheers for moms who have kids who will wear swim caps — they can be a lifesaver for little ones with long hair who love to be in the pool. If they still need a little convincing, this swimmingly cool swim cap duo from Pottery Barn Kids might catch their eyes, available in a dolphin for her and a shark for him. They do make you swim much faster, right, Mom? (Wink, wink!)

Stylish summer accessory #3: Beach towels

Kids' Summer Accessories Kids’ Lobster Shaped Beach Towel & Kids’ Seahorse Shaped Beach Towel, Lands’ End, $26 each

So many summers, so many beach towels. Grabbing some new towels at the beginning of summer is a fun way to kick-off the season… and we know that you’re missing half of the ones you bought last year anyway. These unique-shaped beach towels from Lands’ End will catch your kids’ eyes and will put an end to the “Mom, where’s my towel?” shouts at the local pool — these will be easy to spot!

Stylish summer accessory #4: Swim Fins

Summer Accessories for KidsMermaid Fin, Finis, $32 & Wave Monofin, Finis, $60

When it comes to summer accessories for kids, we’re guessing that accessories that will teach them to be a mermaid or a dolphin are going to win, flippers down. But, not only are these flippers cool, they will also serve double-duty in the lake or pool, helping to teach your little swimmers even more confidence and build more strength while they’re in the water. (Psst! These can both be extended up to adult sizes too, so give take them on a spin yourself… after your little ones have retired for the night!)

What are the must-have summer accessories in your home?

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