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8 Great kids’ room storage ideas from Etsy

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Toy storage ideas from Etsy

You need it: Kids’ room storage

As much as I love the holidays, I always find myself a bit overwhelmed once I realize how many new toys, art  supplies, clothes and other Christmas presents my children received that have nowhere to go. I am a stickler for organization and neatness, and I tend to get a little bit panicky when I look into my daughter’s room and you can’t make out where the floor is. Now I have two children — with twice the amount of stuff to try and tackle. We donate all of their toys that they no longer play with, but it seems that we still have problems when it comes to finding room for the new toys and games. I came across some seriously adorable totes on Etsy for organizing toys, and a lightbulb went off in my head. Ah ha! I can have my children’s rooms be organized and neat, and look super stylish at the same time.

Where to start?

Trying to find a starting place for organizing your kid’s room can be a daunting task. But if you have a few organizational pieces to start you off, it can make your goal of a clean, organized room become a lot more realistic. I love the unique storage ideas from Etsy and how you can tie them in to any children’s room decor.

Take a look at these eight wonderful kids’ room storage ideas to help you and your kids start 2014 off on an organized foot!

chevron storage bucket

Chevron storage bucket – $40

This bucket comes in many other color schemes so you can best match this to your child’s room decor. This is a cute way to store stuffed animals, barbies or any little toys!

Cloud shelf

Cloud wall shelf – $63

This is the perfect solution for little knick knacks as well as errant sweaters and coats that need a place.

Nursery book storage

Nursery book storage – $29

I love this cute shelf for storing books, and a great idea would be to put it at a height that’s easily accessible for your little one.

Kids desk caddy

Kids’ desk caddy – $30

This is a great way to round up all of those art and craft supplies lying everywhere! Can be ordered in many different colours.

Lego inspired wooden storage box

LEGO-inspired wooden storage box – $60

If you have a LEGO-addict child, this is a great piece for their room! You can storeLEGOs in it, or any other small toys that may be scattered across their floor.

Wooden play-doh holder

Wooden Play-Doh holder – $20

How cool is this! I know many, many children’s rooms or playrooms that have stray Play-Doh containers hanging around everywhere. What a great way to keep them neat and tidy!

Toy storage bag

Toy storage bag – $25

This is such a cute option for storing toys! It can be customized to be any colour you like to perfectly match your decor.

Set of 3  natural wool hanging baskets

Set of 3 natural wool hanging baskets – $100

I love these neutral hanging baskets to add an earthy feel to a child’s room. You can throw any small toys, clothes, accessories etc. in them to hide the clutter.

What are some of your favorite ways to contain the clutter?

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  1. Love these storage options! Very cute and stylish. I bought a few large natural-fiber baskets from West Elm for the living room. Currently struggling with Legos–I hate them! 🙂 Any ideas for those little pieces and separate sets?

  2. Lovely ideas! I moved to anew place few months ago and my current mission at home is to organize my daughter’s toys and some school and craft supplies. These are great and quite convenient storage ideas and I’m definitely taking advantage of your suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

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