That’s Crafty! A colorful Holiday craft for the kids

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Who doesn’t love this time of year?  The weather has finally cooled down and decorating the house with all kinds of goodies is perfectly acceptable and encouraged.  We are excited at our house because this will be the first year where our daughter is understanding and wanting to help with picking of the tree, the trimming and the decorating.

Just this past weekend we went to the local Christmas tree farm and picked out this year’s family tree.  While on the way out, the woman checking us out asked if my daughter would like a few pine cones to take home with her.  Smiling ear to ear, she excitedly accepted the gift.  For the next few hours while mom and dad wrangled to get the tree on the car and home, those pine cones never left my daughters hands.  She was so excited to play with them.

Later that afternoon, as the tree was getting its finishing touches, we realized the house needed some added holiday decorations.  Turning to my daughter, I suggest we craft something together, possibly out of paper, sticks, glue, etc.  She comes running in with her pine cones asking if we could use her pine cones for decoration?  Knowing we have a few hundred more outside our house, we decided this year’s craft was going to be with pine cones. (keep it simple and fun)

So first we went on the hunt for some more pine cones to add to our collection

Then it was just a matter of digging through the craft closet for all kinds of fun things.  We pulled out some small fuzzy balls, glue, paint, and glitter!  And then we were off!

The great thing about decorating pine cones is that you can let the kids imaginations run wild

We made some that were full of fuzzy balls, others were covered in glitter paint.  Other we painted some with brushes and glitter and other a combination of them all.  So much fun.  After we had gone to town decorating up all the pine cones to our hearts content, we decided ours would look great as garland!  So we grabbed a few small eye hooks from the garage and some ribbon.  We screwed the eye hooks into the bottom of the pine cones (more of a mommy/daddy activity) and there you have yourself some good looking, hand-crafted holiday garland!

***Our holiday decor is non-traditional with all kinds of bright colors, so I conveniently pulled out those colors for this craft.  This works with whatever color schemes and themes you are going for in your house.  These definitely would have looked just as great in reds, greens, even golds and silvers!

We even used the left over pinecones for decoration in other parts of the house.

Simple and so much fun!  Happy Crafting!

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