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The leaves are falling and, before we know it, winter will be here and we’ll be spending much more time indoors. We have been making sure that we spend as much time outside as possible lately, knowing that winter is on its way. Even on those colder fall days we have been throwing on a scarf and mittens and heading deep into the ravine by our house to see nature at its finest. While, in theory, it sounds wonderful, I always remind myself that I need to have realistic expectations of my kids when we’re exploring outside. Typically, taking a walk in the beautiful fall weather isn’t enough, on its own, to get them excited. Are your kids the same?

Driving with Hello Kitty Car

Outside adventures made exciting with the Hello Kitty car

Thanks to the Dynacraft Hello Kitty 6V Car, our outdoor excursions have become much more enjoyable for the kids (and for us, too!). While I had no doubt that this car would be amazing for the kids, I was worried about what would be involved in the assembly. I am overjoyed to say that it was simple to put together — in just a few snaps and clicks, the car was fully assembled!

Once assembled, we were ready for our outside time.  As we followed the path into the heart of the ravine, heads were turning all around us. The car itself is shaped like Hello Kitty, which had the girls’ heads turning. And the fact that it is a powered car had the boys drooling.

Addison is always concerned about safety, but while safety is towards top of the list, it still doesn’t exceed fashion, which is why she chose a Hello Kitty Bell Helmet to match her ride. When she climbs into the car, she knows she can’t go anywhere until her seat belt is clipped and secure!

Hello Kitty Car Review

Say hello to these cool features

The features of the car are unlike any other ride-on we have tried before. With just the touch of the pedal, the car drives at 2.5 mph and rides easily both up and down hill. The Hello Kitty steering wheel and horn let her tell others she is coming by as she drives — a feature everyone who was walking nearby appreciated!

Her favorite feature, by far, is the mp3-input and loud speakers that play her favorite songs from my smartphone. Since I keep all of her music on my phone, she gets the same musical entertainment in her car and in mine! Not only does the Hello Kitty car play music when you plug in your smartphone, but with the flip of a switch, Hello Kitty’s bow lights up, too.

Driving the Hello Kitty 6V Car

All in the details

The detailing on the car — from the speedometer to the Hello Kitty bows — make the car every child’s dream. The Hello Kitty 6V Car drives both forwards and backwards, making it easy for kids to maneuver, and it has a park switch for when it’s not in use. When she’s not riding it, it serves as the perfect place to sit while watching the neighbors play on the street… any excuse to be close to Hello Kitty is good enough for her! We are all looking forward to many years of Hello Kitty driving ahead of us. 

With the holidays right around the corner, the Hello Kitty Car will make your little ones smile from ear to ear. The Dynacraft Hello Kitty 6V Car ($300) is available at Walmart. Stay tuned for a chance to win one in our Holiday 2016 Guide! 

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