The New Primal- 30% off using SAVVYSASSYSNACKS

Kid and parent-approved holiday snacks from The New Primal {Discount}

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The New Primal- 30% off using SAVVYSASSYSNACKS

Stock up on holiday snacks from The New Primal

Keeping my kids on-track with healthy eating during the holidays is seemingly impossible. Having just come off of Thanksgiving weekend where a healthy meal seemed to consist of a few bites of pumpkin pie, a whole lot of whipped cream and, if I was lucky, a bite of turkey, I know how important it is to make sure they’re eating well this time of year. If your kids are like mine, keeping nourished with at least something healthy along the way makes all the difference in their behavior. The holiday days are long, the activities are busy and the excitement is at a max — the last thing anyone needs is a sugar-rush breakdown.

We’re thrilled to work with The New Primal this holiday season to share their line of snacks that make both parents and kids happy over the holidays. All of their products are made with the best of ingredients for a huge punch of protein — sustainably sourced ingredients and proteins, which have been raised without antibiotics or added hormones, minimally processed, grass fed and grass finished and, most importantly, delicious.

I have snacks from The New Primal stocked in our cars, in my purse and in our travel bags for all our holiday adventures. They make the perfect snack for when you’re rushing from one holiday activity to the next or for when your kids (or you!) need a boost of protein mid-Christmas tree hunt.

For Savvy Sassy Moms readers and followers, use the code SAVVYSASSYSNACK on The New Primal for 30% off your order, through Tuesday, November 29th. 



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