Frozen candy corn punch

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With Halloween drawing closer, there are sure to be all sorts of Halloween gathering and parties taking place. Whether it’s a big party or a quick dinner with friends before trick-or-treating, themed food and drinks can set the tone and add some extra festive fun to any meal.

You can’t have Halloween without candy corn, which is why we loved creating this frozen punch that represents the popular treat. Frozen candy corn punch taste great, looks festive, and is super easy to make!Frozen Candy Corn Punch

Give your blender a workout

You may have seen the popular red, white, and blue drinks for July 4th where the three colors stay layered. It all has to do with the science behind the sugar content of each layer. If we are being honest, we tried making this candy corn punch a non-frozen treat, but the colors kept mixing together and despite their drastic sugar content values, we couldn’t get them to stay separated! We found an easy fix for that little problem was blending each color with ice, making it harder for the layers to mix and creating the perfect candy corn look for our punch.  How to Make Frozen Candy Corn Punch

1. Orange Juice (Yellow layer on the bottom)
2. Orange Hawaiian Punch (Orange layer in the middle)
3. Lemon Vitamin Water (White layer on the top)
4.  Whipped Cream Topping
5.  Sprinkles and Candy Corn (for garnish, of course!)

1. Blend ice cubes and orange juice. Pour into a glass and set aside.
2. Blend ice cubes and orange Hawaiian Punch. Pour into a glass and set aside.
3. Blend ice cubes and Vitamin Water. Pour into a glass and set aside.
4. Layer blended juice into cups to create the look of candy corn. Orange juice first (yellow), Hawaiian punch next (orange) and Vitamin Water last (white).
5. Top with whipped cream topping and garnish with sprinkles and candy corn.

FROZEN Candy Corn Punch
Drink up

Like most children, ours love any type of special drink… and not, surprisingly considering the sugar-filled ingredients! However, there is some good news, moms! Because this frozen candy corn punch is blended with ice, it instantly dilutes the sugar content, while still being a treat for the kids. So, let them have a glass (or two!). At this point, the extra sugar probably won’t make much of a difference!

Frozen Candy Corn Punch

How do you make your Halloween parties or pre trick-or-treating dinners extra special?

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