Favorite game apps for kids

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Winter break usually means traveling to see grandparents, family, and friends for the holidays. No parent wants their kids staring at a device all day. But let’s face it: if it means quiet and peaceful travel time for the whole family, a little extra screen time on travel days might be worth it. Some apps are really educational, some are entertaining, and some are just fun! Whether your family is taking a good old fashioned road trip or spending times in airports this holiday season, we’re sharing our favorite game apps for kids that help keep them happy and entertained while traveling.

Apps for the little ones

Peekaboo Barn – First, toddlers hear animal sounds from a cute little barn. Then they tap the barn doors to find out what friendly farm animal is waiting to pop out and say hello. Parents can also change language settings so kids learn animal names in multiple languages.

Wheels on the Bus – This popular song is brought to life as kids interact with music and characters on the bus.

My Very Hungry Caterpillar – Based on the classic book, kids are able to care for and feed their own caterpillar. They will recognize the foods found in the classic storybook.

Phone for Play – Every kid likes to pretend they are using a phone! This app allows kids to “dial” numbers while also teaching them about colors, numbers, shapes, and days of the week.

Toca Train – Kids get to drive a train as they pull levers, push buttons and start exploring the island with the train.

Tozzle – A traditional jigsaw puzzle app that helps kids improve shape recognition skills. More than 40 different puzzles are solved as kids drag and drop pieces accompanied by sound effects and animations.

Apps for preschoolers

Paw Patrol Rescue Run – This app allows kids to play their favorite Paw Patrol characters. They help pups work together as a team, collect pup treats and earn badge awards.

Preschool Memory Match – Just like the classic memory matching game, this digital version challenges kids to find matches in a variety of topics.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox – Kids help the monkey pack his lunchbox by solving puzzles, counting, spotting the difference and more!

My PlayHome – Just like playing “house” this app allows kids to move characters through a home to help them make breakfast, turn on the TV, get dressed in different outfits and go outside to play.

Letter School – This is a phonics and alphabet tracing game that helps kids learn to write all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1-10.

Cookie Doodle РKids get to make cookies by adding ingredients, mixing in the bowl, rolling out the dough and using various cooking cutters of their choice before baking.  They top off their creations with frosting, sprinkles and candies before eating!

Big kid apps

Crossy Roads – Kids help figurines cross busy roads without getting smacked by the many moving vehicles.

Subway Surfer – This endless chase has kids helping dash and dodge oncoming trains with powered jetpacks, acrobatics and hover board surfing.

Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes – Justice League favorites stop the notorious villains from destroying Gotham City. Players master abilities like soaring through the air with Superman.

Hop – Players bounce a ball off colored tiles to try to make as many hops as you can. Try to beat your score each time you play. Collecting different words helps you to unlock and customize tile colors.

Sliter.io – This game involves a friendly snake that you have to help slither around to avoid running into other snakes. As you move through the game, you grow longer and longer making this task even more challenging.

Magic Piano: Music Tiles – This piano app guides you through classical and fun songs and helps players play just like the best pianist. It’s simple to play, but difficult to master. Some high-speed songs can be a real challenge.

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