Printable Fall Lunch Box Jokes

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Is it just me or did the first month of school fly by?! Heading back to school for the kids has been a big adjustment. Getting back into a routine, being away from home all day long and don’t forget the decreased access to mom the short order cook! LOL! My favourite time during Covid was meal time with the kids, and now they are eating in the classroom at the desk they sit at all day long. For me, it’s important that my kids are still have fun at lunch, so since the first day of school I have been sending a lunch box joke in the lunch box! This has become a highlight for them! Since October is right around the corner, I thought I would share some printable Fall & Halloween Lunch Box Jokes for you to print and put in your child’s lunch box!

Printable Fall Lunch Box Jokes

With fall comes lots of learning! As the seasons change, the kids get to observe first hand as how the leaves change colours, they get to try new foods and scoop out pumpkins! Why not use lunch box jokes to have some fun while keeping them on theme! The fall lunch box jokes focus on the leaves changing and pumpkins and apples! Simply print out our free fall lunch box jokes and give them a whirl! Lunch box jokes are also a great way to start conversation with your child’s peers!

Here are the jokes you will get in the fall lunch box download:

Joke: How to trees get onto the internet?
Answer: They just LOG on!
Joke: What did one leaf say to the other?
Answer: I’m falling for you!
Joke: How do bees get to school?
Answer: On the school BUZZ
Joke: Why do birds fly south in the fall?
Answer: Because it’s too far to walk.
Joke: Knock. Knock
Who’s there?
Who? Who?
What are you an owl or something?
Joke: What’s the best thing to put into a pumpkin pie?
Answer: Your teeth
Joke: What did the ghost put on his ice cream?
Answer: Whipped scream
Joke: What do you call an apple that plays the trumpet?
Answer: A tooty fruity!

Printable Halloween Lunch Box Jokes

Whether your kids love or hate halloween, halloween jokes are always fun! As soon as October hits, we all get excited for Halloween, or at least the candy! Don’t worry, we don’t have any spooky joke here! Only silly, fun, Halloween jokes! Check these out!

Take a look at the jokes in our Halloween Lunch Box Jokes pack:

Joke: What kind of shoes do ghosts wear?
Answer: Booooooooots!
Joke: What did one bat say to the other?
Answer: Wanna hangout?
Joke: Why do spiders make good baseball players?
Answer: Because they are good at catching flies.
Joke: What do you call witches who live together?
Answer: Broom-mates!
Joke: What do you call a skeleton who won’t work?
Answer: Lazy-bones!
Joke: What is a ghosts favourite street?
Answer: A dead end
Joke: What is the ghost such a messy eater?
Answer: Because he is always gobblin!
Joke: How do you make a witch itch?
Answer: Take away the W!

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