How to Make a Lego Table (or what to buy if you’re not feeing crafty!)

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Do you have a LEGO lover in your house? LEGO is one of those activities that is amazing for kids of all ages. You can be as creative as you want, follow the instructions or build using your own imagination. It’s also the best quiet activity! Once the kids get started, they get lost in the creativity and can be busy for hours! We have our lego all organized in the basement with the other toys, but I though that making my own LEGO table would be a great idea. It is easily moveable and they can keep their masterpieces safely built on the table. As time goes on, they can build on it or take it all apart and start again.

What you will need to build a DIY Lego table

First, you will need to decide what table you want. I recently saw this amazing piece that I thought would make a great LEGO table for a kids room or playroom. I love that it has lots of space for siblings to play together.

This table offers so much storage. How you design it, is completely in your control. You can add it to a playroom or to your child’s bedroom, whatever works best! I love that there is space for bins at the bottom of the unit. Some of the bins can have LEGO pieces, while others can hold books or other toys.

You need to alter the top to make it usable for the LEGO. Simply add baseplates to the top of the table. They come in different colours and sizes so you can pick what is best for the look you are going for you. Add white baseplates for an understated look, add colour baseplates that matches your decor, or add street looking baseplates for your cars lover! You can add them with glue for a more permanent adhesive or use velcro strips to make them easily removable and interchangeable. Making your own lego table is great if you are specific about your decor, can’t find exactly what you need, or have some extra time on your hands (like we all do right now)!

Don’t want to make your own?

We’ve got you covered for that too. When I made my lego table years ago, there weren’t as many options on the market to buy a ready made one. Now, there are so many to choose from! Click any of the images below to shop your favorite building block table.

2-in-1 plastic LEGO table

Multi-colored plastic block table

Plastic building block table



Kidkraft Activity table with storage



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