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This past year has been a whirlwind. If I’m being completely honest, when the pandemic hit, I was a bit relieved to have a forced break from the number of extra curricular activities my kids were enrolled in. Between hockey, gymnastics, swimming, guitar and tutors like SSAT Tutoring, our schedule was very busy and was becoming a bit overwhelming! The break was nice for a bit, but here we are a year later, and the kids miss their activities. Since going to programs is not a possibility right now, we found a solution that works for everyone by scheduling extra curricular activities with Outschool.

Try something new

Like I said, it’s been a while since we have been to an extra curricular activity, so the thought of adding something new, anything new, to our routine was exciting! When I told the kids that they would be able to do something online, they were both ecstatic! Addison has really missed her time at gymnastics. Since we have no gymnastics equipment inside our home, we knew that might not be the best place to start, so went to Outschool.com to browse the selection of classes to find something similar. It was clear right away that there were many classes to choose from!

Create an account to get started

The first step was to create a free account on Outschool.com. I was asked questions about my children’s ages and interests. Then, I was shown classes that were recommended for each of them. I was surprised at the variety! From Minecraft lessons, to dance classes, workout classes and multiplication tricks, there were ample classes to choose from! There are over 100,000 live classes, all conducted by over 10,000 teachers in small groups over Zoom.

Affordable classes

I don’t know about you, but the cost of extra curricular activities is enough to make your head spin! As we looked through all of the options and I listened to kids shout out the number of classes they wanted to try, I was able to relax knowing that they are well priced. Most of the classes fall in a range of $5 to $15 a class depending on what they are. Some classes are a single class while others are weekly, so there is lots of flexibility as well.

Our experience

When Addison saw that there were cheerleading classes, she almost fell off her chair! Since cheerleading isn’t an offering in our local area, I knew that this would be the perfect class for her! We signed up for a weekly 30 minute class with Coach Bri. Before we signed up, we were able to watch a brief video about her and her credentials and we were impressed! Addi was really excited to be learning from a professional cheerleader! Once we signed up, we received a confirmation email and then we received a few reminder emails with a zoom link to join the call at the specified date and time.

The class was super engaging and by the end of the first 30 minute class, she had already learned two routines! She then practiced them around the house all week waiting for the next class! I was thrilled to be able to give her a new opportunity through Outschool.

Outschool Offers it all

In our house, the kids seem to be yo-yoing back and forth between in-person school and virtual learning. With all the change, I have enjoyed using Outschool for a few reasons.

  1. Weekly Outschool classes have provided my kids with consistency. They have allowed the kids something to look forward to each week that they know they can attend whether they are in school or online. They look forward to seeing their online teacher each week and look forward to doing something fun!
  2. The academic classes give my kids the boost they need. When the pandemic hit and the kids went online, I was concerned as I was no longer able to bring my son’s tutor into our home. Having the ability to book classes based on what he is struggling with gave me peace of mind as well as the additional support that we all needed.
  3. Socially this has been great! It’s been so nice for the kids to go online to do something social with other kids. They get to talk to new kids, learn something new and they love seeing how different students live in different cities or even countries!
  4. My kids are at different schools which means that they have different upcoming spring breaks. We are looking forward to taking advantage of the Outschool camps that will meet the needs of each of my kids spring break schedules!
  5. The choices are endless. We already have a growing list of activities, classes and groups each of my kids want to try. From Learning the French Language, to On My Way to Memorizing Multiplication Facts and Phonics Fun with Mario, I know that they will have lots to keep them busy over the next few months!
Have you tried Outschool?

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