Dove dark chocolate

Dove makes a sweet Mother’s Day gift

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Chocolate makes Mother’s Day sweeter

Mother’s Day is about celebrating motherhood and encouraging her to treat herself to her favorite things. The rich, sweet taste of chocolate can be a decadent Mother’s Day treat, and it’s even sweeter if you gift your favorite mom with silky-smooth DOVE® Dark Chocolate. With a taste richer than milk chocolate, but equally as silky-smooth, just one piece of DOVE Dark Chocolate satisfies my sweet-tooth.

Dove Dark Chocolate

DOVE tastes deliciously silky-smooth

It’s not uncommon for people to associate the taste of dark chocolate with bitterness, but DOVE Dark Chocolate can shatter those expectations — each bite is silky-smooth and delicious. DOVE Dark Chocolate comes in four delicious varieties, including: new Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate (my favorite!), Mint and Dark Chocolate Swirl, Almond Dark Chocolate and Original Dark Chocolate. It is a tasty, widely-available option; I’ve had no trouble finding any of the four varieties at my local grocery store.

Dove dark chocolate

Go beyond the bag

Giving the gift of DOVE doesn’t have to mean sliding a bag of PROMISES or a few bars into a simple gift bag — though that works, too! Homemade gifts are the cornerstone of Mother’s Day surprises, and DOVE Dark Chocolate lends itself to a variety of Mother’s Day projects. DOVE PROMISES, in particular, are tiny craft materials just waiting to be used. Their small size, square shape and shiny wrapper lend themselves to being used for a number of hand-crafted Mother’s Day gifts — almost like oversized and delicious-tasting beads.

Dove dark chocolate

For more fabulous DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas, check out #ShareTheDOVE on Pinterest!

What’s your favorite variety of DOVE® dark chocolate? (I’ll take the Sea Salt, please!)

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