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Design your dream nursery with Carousel Designs {giveaway}

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Carousel Designs offers sweet nursery decor for your dream nursery

Parents-to-be have a lot on their minds — prenatal nutrition and car seat safety; strollers and baby-wearing options; immunization schedules and childcare options. Some of those decisions involve debating options and worry, but Carousel Designs wants one of your decisions to be all about fun decisions. With over 400 fabrics — updated often to keep up with design trends — Carousel Designs knows you’ll be able to create your dream nursery with their fabulous design options and their wide gallery of nursery ideas.

Carousel Designs bedding

Use the Nursery Designer to customize your nursery design

One of the toughest parts about designing a room from scratch is visualizing how all of the pieces will work together in your space. The Nursery Designer® from Carousel Designs takes so much of the guesswork out of designing your little one’s room. The interactive designer lets you experiment with so many nursery ideas — crib colors, trim colors, flooring options, and even actual Benjamin Moore® paint colors.

In addition to the overall look of the room, parents can mix and match over 400 in-stock fabrics from Carousel Designs to customize bedding options for the perfect crib bedding set. If, like me, you can feel overwhelmed by the countless design options, the designer will suggest color and fabric combinations to complement the fabric you adore. From sleek and modern to romantic, shabby chic, Carousel Designs will help you find crib bedding you adore.

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all bedding details can be found at Carousel Designs

More fabulous features from Carousel Designs
  • Create a triple tier crib skirt, a flouncy, adorable way to add color and pattern to your crib bedding.
  • Add a reversible crib rail cover. Not only is the cover a stylish addition to your nursery decor, it protects and preserves the sides of your crib.
  • Use the Carousel Designs Nursery Designer® mobile app from the iTunes store. Pull up your nursery designs on-the-go to show friends or coordinate with other baby items.

Carousel Designs


Enter for a chance to win $500 from Carousel Designs

Carousel Designs is giving one lucky Savvy Sassy Moms reader a $500 gift certificate — which will cover {almost} anything you can design with their Nursery Designer®. Tell us, which feature of the Nursery Designer® do you find the most useful when dreaming up your little one’s nursery?

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Meet the Author | Angela Amman

Angela Amman is a short story and essay writer. Collecting her family's stories is a gift-in-progress for her daughter and son, and she blogs at Playing with Words, capturing the craziness and beauty that weave together to create something extraordinary. As the co-director of Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit, Angela is thrilled to bring others' stories to the stage and to celebrate the magic of words, storytelling, and the courage to share that magic with an audience. When she should be sleeping, she works on her latest short story collection. Her writing has been featured on Mamalode, Peacock Journal, and Scary Mommy. Her personal essays and short stories have appeared in her collection, Nothing Goes Away, and various anthologies.

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  1. I love that you can experiment with paint colors.

  2. I love how customizable the Nursery Designer is, with such adorable prints.

  3. I love that you can completely design your baby’s bedding exactly the way you want. It’s great seeing all the different colors and prints, and even match it to the crib, floors, and wall color.

  4. I love that the nursery designer gives you suggested coordinating materials as well as uses Benjamin Moore paint colora!!

  5. I love being able to drag and drop the fabric choices from my iPad. Fun and fast!

  6. I like that it helps me coordinate fabrics. I haven’t developed my eye for mixing prints yet.

  7. I love how easy it is to drag and drop the fabrics onto your design!

  8. I really like that you can change the color of the crib and walls too. It really helps with visualizing how the bedding will look in the room.

  9. I love that you can visualize how things will look when playing around with different prints.

  10. I like that you can experiment with different nursery ideas from crib color to wall color

  11. This tool is really great because we have been trying to decide on how to decorate the nursery. So it gives us an idea of what the bedding will look like with the walls and the trim.

  12. I love playing around with the colors. This is a huge help when trying to decide what colors to use when we paint the babies room. Great tool.

  13. The ability to customize everything from paint, furniture, floors, and down to bedding custom bedding!

  14. The option to customize your nursery from top to bottom. And the custom bedding helps add a more unique and personal touch!

  15. drag and drop features make it so easy and its nice to be able to see it all together!!

  16. I love the big color variety and that you have a choice of fabric! The tier skirt is adorable too!

  17. I love trying out different paint colors – impossible to do with a real room!

  18. I love how all of the colors compliment one another and how wonderful the prints are incorporated.

  19. I like that there are 400 fabric designs to choose from.

  20. I love that you can mix and match to fit your personality.

  21. I love how even us design challenged mom as can look as if we did it all on our own and I absolutely love the show me ideas option.

  22. Love your styles and colors, and all of the different designs 🙂

  23. I really really hope i win!!!!!! We are moving into a new house now and right now plan on keeping the nursery empty w our old crib bc we can’t afford to design it!

  24. I love carousel designs and all of the fabric choices! I literally can spend hours on their website dreaming up ideas!

  25. I love that they let you change the paint color on the walls!

  26. When your like myself and don’t have an eye for design, Nursery Designer can be really helpful to bring ideas to life! I knew what colors, fabrics, and patterns I wanted in our baby boys room; however, until I found Nursery Designer (via instagram) I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin! I found your site really user friendly and helpful!!!!

  27. I love how easy it is to actually see your vision if you have one or try out multiple ideas if you are still brainstorming.

  28. I love the coordinating pattern/solids suggestions. I’m always afraid of my inability to coordinate and that feature helps so much!

  29. I love how there’s so many fabrics to chose from! It’s awesome that you allow people to design and customize their crib sets because the crib is the most important part of the nursery. It’s the main thing people look at when looking at your babies nursery. I love how it’s diverse enough to make it the best for you. I love love love it!

  30. So cool! I love the drag + drop features. Also really like the golden triangles pattern.

  31. I love the prints and how everything matches so perfectly.

  32. I just love being able to put everything together – furniture, fabrics and eve wall colours to see how it will look!

  33. I love the nursery designer and the way it allows you to be creative with colors and patterns. You can create whatever you can imagine.

  34. The fabrics are so beautiful, choosing those and paint colours is so fun!

  35. I love the drag and drop feature—so easy! And all of the fabric patterns are so beautiful!

  36. I love how easy it is to find coordinating fabrics. So frustrating to do on your own in a store!

  37. I love that is shows the type of fabrics they are, not just the patterns or colors. Everything is so beautiful!

  38. I like that it gives suggestions of coordinating patterns and you can customize each and every item and trim

  39. I absolutely love all of the choices you have– fabrics, wall colors, everything is customizable! Really neat.

  40. Love all the color and pattern options at Carousel Design

  41. I love how customizable it is! I can experiment and see all my options including changing the paint color for the walls!

  42. It’s hard to choose a favorite feature I love that you can change the color of the walls & the crib to see everything come together- because I have a hard time visualizing everything together

  43. i have the navy chevron for my sons room and absolutely love it!!! Love some of the newer prints… And would be great for his toddler bed

  44. I like experimenting with the different fabrics and colors !!

  45. I’m loving the desing your own feaure. It’s neat how you can completly customize the bedding to whatever you can imagine. I wish they had a website & desing feaure just like this for adult bedding , I think it would be a great hit!

  46. I love that it allows you to completely visualize how your nursery is going to look and how easy it is to change the colors to make it exactly the way you want it.

  47. I can’t offord it but I did try once customizing and I love that it gives you so many options and patterns!:)

  48. It’s so nice to be able to customize everything and see how your ideas will look in a nursery.

  49. the drag and drop feature is great. I am designing challenged for sure

  50. I love that there are so many fabrics to choose from! That makes mixing and matching more fun!

  51. I love how easy it is to change fabrics and colors until you get it designed just how you want it.

  52. I love that it can help me design my babies nursery! I need all the help that I can get!

  53. I love all the patterns – it really helps visualize how they work together.

  54. Love love the efficiency of the website! It helps the inexperienced designer within me…

  55. I love how easy it is to change up paint colors and fabrics to find a combo you like.

  56. I like that there are so many options with textiles and pallettes!

  57. Love how interactive it is, so I can plan everything & how I want it to look.

  58. I love how you can experiment with paint colors and fabric choices

  59. THAT was fun! I love the mix & match, create your own unique style but what I truly loved the most was being able to pin my creation!

  60. I love that you can start with a blank canvas and really use your own creativity with the bedding.

  61. I love that I can play around with the colors and prints and actually visualize the room. Very cool!

  62. I love that there are over 400 designs from which to choose for a truly personalized nursery!

  63. I love that you can visualize all the elements together.

  64. I like that there are over 400 fabrics — updated often to keep up with design trends. Thanks.

  65. I like the number of choices you have for mixing and matching designs and colors. Really takes the guesswork out of getting exactly what you want!

  66. The wall decals are definitely my favorite! With apartment living we can’t paint so wall decals are our go to! I love that you can see how they look before so we can imagine what they would look like here!

  67. I am registering for my first grandchild. I am so excited to see how designs have changed over the years and cannot wait to sit in that beautiful nursery and rock my grandbaby

  68. I love that the mobile app is fun, and there are so many prints and colors to choose from!

  69. I love the visualizer and drag and drop to really help dream up your dream nursery

  70. I like that you can experiment with different paint and flooring!

  71. This is so awesome! It is nice to put together what you like and see how it looks.

  72. I love that you can easily manipulate colors to find exactly what you desire

  73. I love the triple tier crib skirt…very unique and love the color and pattern options!

  74. I love that I can completely customize everything to how I want. The fabric and color choices are endless!

  75. I love how you can choose all your optons and make it unique.

  76. I like how you canput it all together and see what it will look like

  77. I like that you can actually SEE What the walls are going to look like before you make a purchase!! so neat

  78. I love that you can see how your walls would look with different bedding combinations.

  79. I like the ability to change colors to see what things look like together

  80. love the customization to add the triple bed skirt!!

  81. I’ve already received my fabric samples as we plan our nursery. Would LOVE to win….have been a huge fan for a long time!

  82. I love that everything is perfectly customizable, down to the linens.

  83. OMGoodness… this is SO awesomely cool! I love that it is so easy to just drop & drag your options & maybe find something that you wouldn’t have ever known you’d love!! Thank ya’ll beyond for this sweet chance… I would just cry! (HAPPY tears of course! lol)

  84. I love that you can see the coordinating colors and fabrics.

  85. I like all the different patterns there are to chose from. Mixing prints is so chic!

  86. I love how you can drag and drop the different patterns into the bedding.

  87. I am a very visual person, so I absolutely love this tool! I like that you can mix and match various paints, colors, and designs to see what your dream nursery will look like before buying everything!

  88. I really like that you can drag designs to view it on the fabric!

  89. it is super easy to use and helpful. I am very bad at visualizing colors and patterns just in my mind

  90. I think trying out the different paint colors is awesome!

  91. I enjoyed the interaction with the different color choices. Nice work!

  92. That there are over 400 in-stock fabrics to choose from. I love having a lot of selection and there’s nothing more frustrating than sorting through hundreds of choices only to learn that all of my top choices are out of stock or discontinued

  93. I like the drop and drag feature. Seeing all the Fabric Designs and picking out what You want in Your Nursery.

  94. Great way to have your customers custom make their room design!

  95. I like that there is an app so your nursery designs are available to you when you are out shopping.

  96. I like being able to switch up the fabrics for different parts of the bedding!

  97. I like how you can customize everything . Its so cute!

  98. I like that you can easily try out different color schemes.

  99. I love the glider/rocking chair! It can up used for baby room, then later anywhere else in the home <3

  100. This is so awesome and so very helpful for all of the indecisive mamas out there. I love that you can mix and match different patterns and fabrics and I love that someone is there to help you!!

  101. Love, love, love the crib skirt! It totally makes the room perfect!!

  102. I like how you can see all the different fabrics and mix and match to find the right combination.

  103. I love that you can even experiment with wall and floor colors

  104. I love how many options you get and the ease of using it!

  105. I love how they started with a bunch of ideas you could build or you can start from scratch and build your own. I also enjoy the ease of drag and drop.

  106. I love the carousel design because you can make the nursery exactly what you want. The last thing I want to do is change my mind a million more times!

  107. I love that you can personally customize the entire nursery! This is a really neat company!

  108. i like that you can experiment with different paint and flooring options too

  109. Gray and Yellow Zig Zag is me and my husbands favorite!

  110. I love all the different fabric choices, it could be forever before deciding on something!

  111. I love the drag and drop feature, it’s a fun way to mix and match everything to see it all together.

  112. I love the Kumari design for a little girl – adorable!

  113. I like that you get a prompt when you make a choice that doesn’t match. It made it easy to coordinate. I also like that I got to choose the flooring because thats likely the hardest and most expensive aspect of the room to change, so might as well work around it.

  114. I like that it gives you ideas of the way to set it up right at the beginning.

  115. I love that the gender neutral designs aren’t just green and yellow.

  116. I like the variety of the patterns to use as well as how clear when enlarged

  117. I love playing around with mixing and matching the different fabrics to get the look I want!

  118. I like that there are over 400 designs from which to choose for a truly personalized nursery! Who doesn’t love the ability to customize and get exactly what they want

  119. I love that you can coordinate without being overly matchy matchy.

  120. I appreciate the Nursery Designer’s help matching fabrics. My crib is white, the other furniture is cream, the walls and carpet are other colors–I need all the help I can get.

    Thanks for a generous giveaway!

  121. I love all the fabric options. It’s so refreshing to have choices for baby that aren’t just cutesy.

  122. I really like the range of colors and design. I also like being able to customize everything the way you want.

  123. I love how easy it is to try so many different combinations of designs.

  124. I love that you can test out paint swatches on the walls

  125. I love that Nursery Designer lets you experiment with some many different options – crib colors, trims, fabrics, etc. So great!

  126. I LOVE all the fabric choices! There are so many and they are cute!!

  127. It’s terrific how you can try out different colors and designs using the Nursery Designer.

  128. I like the design and the color combination that was used

  129. I love using the Carousel Designs Nursery Designer! There are endless amounts of designs to choose from. I like the grey crib the best… but they are all so cute! And you can even change the paint in the room to see how it will all look together!

  130. I like that their are so many different fabric options to choose from!

  131. I like that you can see all of your ideas come together

  132. I find one of the most helpful things is they will let you know when something does not match. Stops you from having to guess if its the right color or not because that warning will pop up and let you know. The whole design center is a wonderful tool to have the perfect nursery for you little one!

  133. Love the wonderful color choices and the fabric options are so awesome, thanks!

  134. I love the “Add a reversible crib rail cover”! great idea!

  135. I love that you can see paint colors- that would help in picking bedding to match your walls.

  136. The combinations of color are really inspiring and useful in thinking outside the box!

  137. I love how easy it is to Coordinate everything. I have a hard time doing that on my own.

  138. I love that the program offers suggestions for coordinating items and even paint colors!

  139. I love all the gorgeous colors and ruffles and patterns!

  140. i wish i could have had stuff this beautiful when my kids were little! this is amazing colors and mix and matches!!! I love this!! I know who would love to have their nursery gorgatized!

  141. There’s just so many colors and patterns to choose from that you would never see anywhere else and it’s so customizable. I just designed my dream nursery for my daughter I’m expecting in June.

  142. I love how you can mix and match from 400 different options.

  143. i love that there are lots of colors to choose from so you can customize you look.

  144. The customizing drag and drop feature makes mixing and matching such a pleasurable experience and takes the guesswork out of it.

  145. I like that it tells you when the colors don’t coordinate.

  146. I love that it gives you a variety of colors and choices so you can plan a nursery that you like/want/need!

  147. I love the ease of use that the Nursery Designer offers. Effortless clicking, a few drag and drops and you’re done. Plus, the choices available can work for nearly anyone. Fantastic!

  148. Being able to mix the theme up and try out what it will look like first is amazing

  149. I love that there are many different colors to choose from

  150. You can actually see how it will all look together. It takes all the guess work out of your visions by putting the ideas in front of you.

  151. Love the Nursery Designer! Its great to be able to see all the crib designs come together with rest of the room and envision them in your own home. Makes deciding so much easier.

  152. I like that with all the options, a designer will help you narrow down your choices.

  153. I love all of the different fabrics, that can be paired together, to create a unique design!

  154. i have trouble putting things together and visualizing how they will look. the designer helps me to see it all clearer

  155. I love being able to drag and drop the fabrics! It’s so much fun!

  156. Fun with fabric, and so many choices. And that is how I will pick the other colors in the nursery from the fabrics

  157. I love that you can see what it all looks like before you actually buy it. Very cool feature!

  158. I love the fact that you are able to customize everything to your own liking!

  159. I like that I could customize my nursery just the way I want! I also like the “up close” fabric swatch views!

  160. I love that you can take a crib type and design the fabric and look and feel from there!

  161. I love that the Nursery Designer allows me to see what my finished design looks like before I implement it and allows me to share my design with friends and family.


  162. I love that you get to completely design your baby’s bedding exactly the way you want, very cool!

  163. I like that they can be customized by color and design.

  164. I like that I can see my designs and how they will fit together.

  165. I like how you can match up different colors to see what works best.

  166. i love to try out the Benjamin Moore paint colors. it’s amazing!

  167. I like that I can access the site anytime or place with the app.

  168. I like that I can choose from pre-made or I can completely do my own thing!

  169. I love the fact that you can customize pretty much everything!

  170. I love all the beautiful fabric choices and pretty patterns

  171. I love that you can experiment with different colors, fabrics, and designs. Such flexibility!

    Diana C

  172. I like the uniqueness that it would bring to my nursery.

  173. I love how it has all the different patterns and you can put it on each different thing. That is so awesome.

  174. The triple tier crib skirt, reversible crib rail cover, and the Carousel Designs Nursery Designer mobile app.

  175. I like that you can experiment with different colors and patterns and see how it will all look before actually getting started on the room.

  176. I love that you can access your designs on the go with the app. That makes shopping easier.

  177. I love the fabric choices and the color choices how you can truly make it your own and special/unique

  178. I like you can choose your paint color since I think that is the most difficult.

  179. Love the drag and drop feature to make it easy to use.

  180. I love that they give you designs to start and you can change them in different ways and rechange them if you change your mind.

  181. I love that you can experiment with paint colors, what a wonderful way to make sure your choice is the right one!

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