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Cool Sculpting

Summer shouldn’t mean hiding your skin

High temps, days at the beach and nights out with your girlfriends are all opportunities to slip on your favorite skin-baring clothes, but many women are hiding their bodies instead of celebrating them. According to a survey of 500 women, there are four major “thigh hiding” techniques women use each summer. 22% of them refuse to wear shorts at all. Keeping your body under wraps is no way to spend a summer — or any season!

Cool Sculpting

When diet and exercise stall

Clean eating and fitness challenges are major factors in helping women feel better in their skin. Cleaner diets lead to clearer skin, better sleep and increased energy, while fitness goals help build lean muscle and increase endurance. But there are times when changes in diet and increased activity seems to stall. 88% of women mention “one area” they’d like to fix before they pull on a bikini. CoolSculpting is designed to help improve the stubborn areas of thighs and those pesky love handles.

CoolSculpting® helps you regain confidence

Women don’t need a magic fix for their bodies. Feeling self-consciousness interferes with enjoying the summer months. Walking on the beach with confidence means you can worry about where to plant your umbrella instead of what to pull on over your bathing suit. CoolSculpting® just helps smooth away a little bit of the worry about baring skin and feeling comfortable doing so. Like them on Facebook to learn more.

  • The CoolSculpting® procedure is not intended as a weight loss program for overweight individuals.
  • The best candidates are people near their ideal body weight with stubborn fat that have not responded to diet and exercise.

Cool Sculpting

Try CoolSculpting® before summer ends

If you need a little boost to get you from covered up to wearing your favorite bikini, try CoolSculpting®. Find a doctor near you and talk about how the non-surgical procedure will work with your body and your goals. CoolSculpting® is so sure you’ll love the results that they’re giving away two thigh treatments — and a $500 shopping spree to buy a few new pieces to show off your new legs! Enter for a chance to win today.

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