Cool gift ideas for girls

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Cool Gifts For Girls Razor Scooter
Fifteen fabulous gift ideas for girls

Gift possibilities for girls are endless. From clothing to books, outdoor activities to board games, we’ve collected fifteen holiday gift ideas that will fit any of the girls on your shopping list. You can shop for your favorite girls without breaking your budget and still find something she’ll love. Check out the holiday wish list before you finish your shopping this season — or start your shopping, if you’re anything like me!

Girls Gift Ideas

 15 Best Holiday Gifts for Girls

1. Inflatable Snow Castle — You don’t need to live in sub-freezing climates to have a snowball fight this winter. The Inflatable Snow Castle can be set up inside for a fun snowball fight, or it can be used as a snow fort for kids who can’t build one outside (Nordstrom, $49).

2. It’s All About Me: Personality Quizzes for You and Your Friends (Klutz)— If you’re addicted to taking Buzzfeed quizzes, you’ll love purchasing this collection of personality quizzes (Amazon, $15). Seventy pages of fun will keep tweens entertained for hours.

3. Sequin Tunic — Make her eyes shine with this gorgeous Sequin Tunic (Nordstrom, $38). Available in little girl and big girl sizes, this is a fabulous gift for a budding fashionista — will she pair it with a girly tutu or slim denim?

4. Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter — Whizzing around the neighborhood has never looked so cool. The Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter is a slim, light-weight and fun way for kids to get to where they want to go (Toys R Us, $55). What you can’t see in the photos is the way the deck lights up with the touch of a button — my daughter is in love with hers.

Razor scooter
5. Candy Chemistry — Give your sweet girl a gift that makes her work a little for her candy. Candy Chemistry combines candy and science to make a variety of sweet treats (Amazon, $31). Candies can even be personalized and wrapped, so they can pass on the fun.

6. Jenga Tetris — For families that have mastered the art of traditional Jenga, Jenga Tetris provides a new challenge (Target, $11). With blocks shaped like the classic Tetris pieces, kids — and adults — may have to change their usual strategies to keep the tower from tumbling.

7. LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser — Girls who love to build will adore the LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser (Target, $59). With over 600 pieces, this is a complicated, detailed LEGO set that combines construction with vacation fun. For more building fun for girls, check out Goldie Blox.

8. Party Metallic Fashion Tattoos — Jewelry- loving girls can customize to their heart’s content with Party Metallic Fashion Tattoos (Nordstrom, $12). The sparkling tattoos can be cut to size and layered to design gorgeous cuffs, bracelets and rings — and they’re easily removed, so girls can change their minds with ease.

9. Karaoke System — Make any night a party with this Karaoke System (Nordstrom, $129). Connect the system to your TV and sing along to your favorite tunes. Disco lights will give your living room a retro vibe, but the modern machine allows girls to record their performances as MP3s.

10. Mini Color Snow Makers — Snowfall doesn’t have to mean giving up color until spring. Mini Color Snow Markers let kids customize their snowmen and snow forts (Nordstrom, $15). Try hopscotch in the snow this winter.

11. Fashion Doodles — Fashion designers-in-training will adore the Fashion Doodles notebook (Amazon, $15). The colorful journal has over 200 pages of prompts and sketching room for girls to sketch out the creations waiting in their imaginations.

12. The Daring Book for Girls — Adventures are just around the corner with The Daring Book for Girls (Target, $11). Instructions for a perfect cartwheel or learning how to do the cat’s cradle will be popular sleepover topics, but girls will also learn about historical female heroes and science projects.

13. The Giant Gem Portable Speaker — Music sounds just a little better when it’s coming from this adorable Giant Gem Portable Speaker (Nordstrom, $40). Plug the speaker into a laptop for girls to play a little study music or crank up their favorites for an impromptu dance party.

14. Dream Catcher Kit — If you’re shopping for a craft-lover this winter, check out the Dream Catcher Kit (Nordstrom, $45). Young girls will appreciate the lore behind the dream catcher. After all, who doesn’t want to have sweeter dreams?

15. Shockproof Kickstand Case For iPad Mini/ iPad Mini 2/ iPad Mini 3  — The iPad Mini is sleek, compact and perfectly made for portability (Amazon, $15). Keep your tech-savvy girl happy by protecting her newest gadget. The colorful, shock-proof, kickstand iPad Mini case keeps her tech safe in style.

Have you found any fantastic gifts for girls this season?

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