Christmas Porch Decorating Tips

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Christmas porch decorating is one of our favorite ways to prepare for the holidays. When it is time to start decking the halls most of us think about decorating the insides of our homes. Decorating a Christmas tree and hanging stockings are a must, but often times the outdoor spaces don’t get as much love as the indoors. Most often, the inside of our homes only get seen by a handful of people, but a lot of people see the outside…even if they are just your neighbors driving by. These simple tips will help you to add holiday cheer outdoors and make your porch welcoming to any visitors you might have this holiday season!

Treat outdoor spaces like an extension of your home.

When you start to think of your porches, front stoops and patios like another room in your home you will immediately start to treat them like that. Keeping them neat and tidy, sweeping away leaves and decorating them with accessories just like you would indoors will make your home feel welcoming and will make these spaces feel like part of your home.

Add a cozy factor with pillows and blankets.

The weather is chilly this time of year so there is no better way to make a space feel cozy and inviting than with lots of soft pillows and fluffy blankets to wrap up in.

One of our favorite ways to decorate for any holiday is to switch out throw pillows. It’s such a simple way to add some holiday color!

Don’t forget a Christmas tree.

Christmas trees aren’t just for indoors!  There is nothing more magical than twinkling lights on a tree so think about unexpected places you could add trees. We love smaller trees flanking each side of your front doors, a tabletop tree on your outdoor patio table or even a full sized tree like this one in the corner of your porch.

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Fraser Hill Farm offers a variety of designs from full to slim silhouettes, flocked to natural green foliage, pre-strung to un-lit models and more! They have the perfect trees to fit any space you might want to put a tree…indoors or outside! Each branch features an all-metal construction and at the needles are made out of non-allergenic, flame-retardant materials. They are made to last and will provide so much convenience and easy to your holiday decorating year after year.

Mood lighting is a must.

Set the tone and light up your space!  Add lights to an outdoor tree or bushes, a spotlight shining on a front door wreath or candles in luminaries and lanterns will instantly make your home feel warm and inviting.

Finish it off with little details.

Put on the finishing touches by adding little details. Put bows on a wreath or add accessories like a nutcracker or a small basket filled with pinecones and berries. Accessories truly make a difference in making your space feel finished. You add these type of things to a room indoors, so don’t forget to add them outside, too!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Fraser Hill Farm. All opinions are our own. 

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