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Is it me, or in recent weeks have we heard about more celebrity babies being born than possibly the entire year?

First Tori’s little Finn, and then True Blood Twins,  then Baby Camden Lachey…

Yes…there was a baby bump hiding under there not too long ago…*sigh* if only we all looked so stunning while preggers.

But, I digress…

Just yesterday the lovely Reese Witherspoon gave birth to her little Tennessee James.  Thoughts on that name? I think I see a country singing career in his future…just sayin’

Just looking through my own Facebook friends where there was at least 4 different births. Was there a full moon the last couple of days or what?

This got me thinking!  What are the most popular birthdays?

Well, wouldn’t you know, that there’s a graph for that! Andy Kriebel via VizWiz pulled together the NYTimes.com data and into this handy dandy little graphical representation of the most popular birthdays.

Wouldn’t you know it, that the most popular birthdays are in September!  Must have been a long cold winter! Check out the graph to find out where your kids birthdays rank.  Wouldn’t you know, both my kids dates are in the 20’s as most popular.

It was a cold winter!

Image: Eva Rinaldi Photography via Flickr

Image: VizWiz 


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