Brooke Burke the Ultimate “Savvy Sassy Mom”

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If I could trade places with a celebrity Mom for a week – I would have to pick Brooke Burke!  I mean really… can a Mom of four be any more amazing!  I know no one is perfect, but dang girl!

Okay so besides her smoking hot body, beautiful face, and perfect smile.   She’s smart, classy, articulate,  gracious and appears to be pretty genuine.   She’s even a bit tech savvy; she tweets on twitter, blogs and runs a website for “The woman behind the Mom!”  Just last year she also started another website and introduced her new Tauts Belly Wrap, the must have accessory for getting that pre-baby body back!

I look forward to seeing what dresses she will wear every week as Co-host of Dancing With the Stars.  She is a very natural and warm host who doesn’t do the “exaggerated excitement thing”.   The only problem is now I have to stare at her and wish I looked like her twice a week!

Brooke even traveled to Africa to visit fiancé David Charvet while he filmed the French reality show La Ferme Célébrités in South Africa.  David is best known for his roles on Baywatch and Melrose Place.  She took along their two kids for the wild adventure, daughter Heaven Rain 3 and their son Shaya who is only 2.   Brooke also has 2 older girls from a first marriage to a plastic surgeon, Neriah is 9 and Sierra Sky is 7.  In an interview with People magazine she was asked how she gets around with 4 kids and she said “I have an Escalade, and I traded it in when I got pregnant with Shaya for the big one, because I need all the space I can get.  I don’t think I’ll ever break down and get the minivan though!”

Brooke seems to be doing it all and makes it look so effortless.  She is a modern mom of four who definatly hasn’t lost her style to motherhood!  She is the ultimate Savvy Sassy Mom!

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