Bouncie keeps teen drivers safe

Bouncie helps families stay safe in the car

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The school year looms, which means another year of figuring out when and how to get our kids to extracurricular activities. Since I work from home, I do the majority of the after-school driving. However, certain days mean coordinating carpools or having my husband rush home from work to help with the shuttling shenanigans.

Bouncie helps drivers stay connected

Bouncie streamlines your driving experience

This is Bouncie! The little adapter plugs into any car and works directly with the app, connecting your car to your life. No tools. No Wires. No Contract. No Hassle for just $8 a month.

When I first had the opportunity to try Bouncie in my car, I thought about it as a way to track my personal driving. Honestly, car maintenance never ends up on my priority list. I end up waiting until some sort of light chimes at me to even think about filling up my gas or changing the oil in my car.

Bouncie does those things, of course. I appreciate having all of the car information I need at my fingertips, whether I’m in my car, near my file cabinet or sitting on a conference call and wondering how long it’s been since my last maintenance appointment. The device installs simply — just plug it into your dash and set up the app using your car’s VIN number.

Bouncie helps parents stay aware of where their kids are driving

Bouncie helps families coordinate better

Still, it turns out Bouncie offers an opportunity for families to stay in sync while maintaining busy schedules. I like having the ability to see where my husband is on his commute, especially when I’m counting on him to be home at a certain time.

When traffic stalls, I know a phone call just makes the stress of timing a little worse. It feels less intrusive to check in with the app than it does to call or text. Not to mention, using technology in the car — even hands-free calls — feels irresponsible. We talk so much about no cell phones in the car to our kids.

Bouncie gives parents peace of mind when teens start driving

Bouncie gives parents peace of mind

Teens want freedom. Parents want safety. With Bouncie, a complete connected car solution, everyone can drive a little easier. Our kids don’t drive on their own yet, but I can already see why Bouncie can let us breathe a little easier when our kids get behind a wheel.

I really noticed it one day when I got an alert I forgot I’d set for my husband. We’d joked around about not speeding on the way home, even if he was running late. I got an alert that the car had exceeded the limit we’d joked about.

Obviously, with my husband, the alert led to a little gentle teasing, but with kids, it really gives insight into their driving habits. Technology bridges the gap between parents and kids, letting data show what really happens in the car, so we can have frank conversations about expectations and safety.

Bouncie gave Savvy Sassy Moms access to a device and a month’s subscription for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own.

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