Best Tea For Weight Loss And Detox

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I came across detoxification when it was all the rage. This was when the college days seemed to stretch like an eternity because of the frequent energy drops through the day. Thankfully, I made it through college (guilty of re-energizing myself through sugary drinks)—only if someone had told me about the best tea for weight loss and detox.

But even during my journey towards fitness, I always considered detoxification a hoax. But my oh my, when I came across this detox smoothie recipe, I was all in!

Detox is not a proven weight loss method since the studies conducted on the topic have taken small sample sizes. However, many people report feeling energized following a detox routine.

Let me share my experience with the organic Wakey Wakey blend of Ready Slim and address all the confusion surrounding detox teas:

Does Detox Tea Help Lose Weight?

Procrastination… I am sure a lot of us have gone through this phase when we can’t help but delay tasks till the last minute. Loads of times this procrastination occurs because of lowering energy levels, sleep deprivation, and unexplained mood shifts. And most other days, it’s just ourselves, right?

All the more reason to get a weight loss or detox product that you can just smoothly gulp down your throat!

Teas are commonly consumed and are considered to be a healthy addition to one’s diet. Green teas are one of the most commonly consumed teas purported to lose weight.

Detox teas, especially the genuine kinds, are made up of organic herbs making it a natural detox tea for weight loss and DO NOT contain laxatives. People on diets who incorporate detox teas into their diet, especially those who follow keto, have had experiences of reduced bloating and an energy surge that lasts through the day.

Helps Regulate Glucose Levels

While it would not be wise to directly link detox tea to weight loss because of the lack of generalizable research, the herbs do help regulate glucose levels which improve metabolism which has a direct impact on how your body burns those calories.

Helps Curb Cravings

Now if you are using the detox blend with protein powder and fruits of the season, you are filling your stomach up and battling the cravings which are the root cause of additional calories that “sneak” into our diet.

Improves Skin While Hydrating

Detox tea for acne, especially consuming it multiple times throughout the day, works by increasing your hydration to help flush away free radicals that cause breakouts and dark spots.

And this smoothie, with all the nutritious goodness of fruits, is even better for your skin, especially with a detox tea-diet combination.

The Verdict

The smoothie was a real energy booster for me which kept me productive throughout the day. I felt a lower craving for sugary things as the fruits I added in the smoothie were sufficiently sweet.

ReadySlim also has a night time detox tea that is a great combination for revving up that fat burning tea detox. The best part is that it is keto friendly, making it a great snack for those cravings. All it will take is a couple of days to get the hang of the routine and kick-start your day daily with this dose of goodness.

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