Behind the Scenes with Christina Applegate and FabKids

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We at Savvy Sassy Moms has been singing the praises of FabKids for quite some time. If this is the first you’ve heard of it, then you are in for a treat (also see our previous FabKids review). FabKids is a monthly “subscription” based children’s clothing company where for $39.95 your child receives three pieces of good quality clothing.

With the recent launched their Spring/Summer collection, Savvy Sassy Moms was behind the scenes with Christina Applegate and Denise Kalinowski (head designer) to get a first hand look at the clothes, accessories and incredibly cute girl models.  We had an opportunity to sit down with Christina and Denise to find out more as to what drew them into children’s clothing and what makes this different than other online shopping?


Christina, who is and EXTREMELY down to earth mom, has the same concerns as the rest of us when it comes to time and resources.  She spoke about how it makes her sick to think of spending $50 on a t-shirt for her daughter, Sadie, who would wear it, inevitably get dirty,  and then she has to worry about whether its going to shrink in the wash or fray from poor quality.  Christina also talked about how its important for clothing to not be so on trend so that you shell your child’s college fun for something and the next minute its out and they don’t want to wear it.  According to her, FabKids is the balance of trend, function, quality and takes all the busy tired moms just a few clicks of the mouse to have one less thing to have to worry about it.

In speaking with Denise, FabKids head designer, she spoke about how she appreciated how clothes give children a way to express themselves, and how the survey you and/or your child take at the beginning of picking of the registration process work to fit your children’s style.  LOVE THAT!

I got to take a look at the clothes and accessories first hand and they are really great!  The colors are bright and bold and as they like to say they are all playground tested.  Great for active little girls (and boys coming soon).

Below are some pictures from our day behind-the-scenes.  Check it out!

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