Baby Jogger Modifies Two Strollers

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Stroller juggernaut Baby Jogger is always on top of their game, improving and modifying their products to meet the ever changing needs of their customers. Baby Jogger recently upgraded and modified two of their strollers, one of which is a top seller.

Baby Jogger City Mini 4-Wheel

The new Baby Jogger City Mini 4-Wheel has a roomier seat and better stability.

City Mini 4-Wheel

The City Mini is everywhere and one of the most popular strollers around. Baby Jogger has now modified the classic 3-wheeler and made it with four wheels as an addition to their product line. The three wheel model is still available, unchanged.

This version of the City Mini has a roomier seat with a 1-inch increased depth and increased weight capacity of 65 pounds. For parents who feel a bit uneasy with attaching a car seat to a three-wheeler due to stability factors, then the City Mini 4-wheel puts these concerns at ease.

The extra wheel and bigger seat puts this stroller at nearly 20 pounds whereas the original City Mini 3-wheeler is 16.8 pounds. Front-end suspension smooths out the bumps and sealed ball bearings in the wheels keeps dirt and grime out so that the maneuverability is always superb.

The City Mini 4-Wheel comes in two colors: Sand/Stone and Black and it retails for about $260.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 2013

Newly upgraded 2013 Summit X3 jogging stroller.

Summit X3

The next upgraded buggy is the Summit X3 jogger. This amazing Baby Jogger stroller used to be called the Summit XC, but to showcase the changes, the name was changed, too. It looks great, doesn’t it? Let’s look at what’s new.

The first thing you notice is that the footwell has been redesigned with a rounded shape, giving it a sleeker, sportier look. The bulk has been reduced and the overall width is 1.5-inches narrower, allowing you to take your Summit X3 into shops and grocery stores without bumping into others.

Most strollers have the front swivel wheel lock right at the wheel itself, but the Summit X3 has the lock mounted at the handle so you can switch instantly. I like such convenience!

The seatback is taller to accommodate larger children because the stroller holds up to 75 pounds. A 75 pound child is going to be much taller and will subsequently need that extra head room. Baby Jogger has taken this into consideration.

And speaking of head room, the sun canopy has been enhanced to provide better protection and ventilation. It has two large peek-a-boo windows with ventilated side panels to allow air circulation.

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 retails for about $430 and comes in orange, green and black. The doubles version will be available in July 2013.

Which of these new Baby Joggers do you like the best?

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