Awesome Boy Theme Birthday Parties

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Time to throw your little boy a birthday party? Your little guy might have his heart set on using a super hero or animated character as his birthday theme, but if you’re looking for some other ideas, here are some great ones!

A Camping Theme

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You can have a lot of fun with this idea. Pitch some tents, put a lot of blankets down, and give all the little ones their very own flashlight. (What is it about kids and flashlights – they love them!!) Serve camping themed foods like hotdogs, hamburgers, watermelon and you can even serve premade s’mores! This idea would work great outside, but if you have a big rec room, you can always do an indoor version. Click here for more camping theme ideas.

A Pirate Theme

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Black and red are great colors for a pirate themed party. Paint a large cardboard box to look like a treasure chest and fill it with “treasures.” Put up skulls and give the kids eye patches to wear! Old keys and pirate ship sales make for good inspiration. Add these fun pirate decorations and shiver me timbers, you’ll have the best pirate party ever! Also, see more from JesParkerEvents in her Etsy Store.

A Vintage Railroad Theme

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I love this idea. You can hand make railroad crossing signs out of cardboard to hang up, and decorate in reds, blues and whites. Pass out bandanas to the kids and put out your train toys. Take a bunch of boxes and paint them like train cars – set them up in a row for the kids to play in and “all aboard!” The kids will have a great time. Click here for more vintage railroad ideas!

A Safari Theme

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A colorful theme including all your favorite animals: elephants, giraffes, monkeys, lions – go crazy and have fun. You can purchase animal posters and cut the animals out to hang up. Put out some fun stuffed animals as decorations as well. You can cut out leaves in shades of green and tape them to green crepe paper to hang around and put up a bunch of balloons in shades of green as well. Layer burlap and a green table cloth for the table. These adorable animal cupcake toppers will add to your festivities as well! See more adorable more cupcake toppers at ClementinesCupcakes Etsy shop.

A Lego Theme

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So many little ones love their legos so this makes for a great theme! You can take a sheet of red poster board, glue red dots on it from red construction paper to imitate a lego. Repeat this in several colors to hang up as decorations. Reds, greens, yellows, blues – all the lego colors make for a fun, bring party theme. Take actual legos and build holders for your utensils to put on the table. Then get plates, cups and napkins in all the fun lego colors! Click here for more lego party inspirations!

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