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My husband and I have been at odds with one another over beds for the better part of our ten year marriage. Our first bed was something I liken to a hard rock. Of course, at the time, it was all that we could afford and all we knew, so no big deal. Then we ventured into a standard pillow top bed that started to break down within the first five years. Let’s just say we were not happy campers considering the investment we made. After sleeping on that bed for far too long, my husband finally had enough of his terrible back pain and went with a memory foam mattress. He loved it.

I did not.

It was too hard for me. I adjusted over time and I reasoned that it was likely better for my back than the broken down, divet-filled pillow top we had been using prior to this. But I missed my softer mattress.

Then came along Sleep Number with an amazing offer. They wanted us to try out their new m7 which is their version of the memory foam mattress. Well, considering our memory foam mattress from a leading competitor wasn’t very old, we weren’t sure we should get another memory foam mattress, but then I realized that with the dual-air technology that Sleep Number is known for, we might just hit our sweet spot with this particular bed and as a result… stay married.


Ok, at least stay sleeping in the same bed for the rest of our married days.

So we headed into our local sleep number store for our personalized fitting.

The staff there was amazing! Leilani and the Manager Moses were so friendly and engaging and absolutely not pushy at all and they tolerated the nonsense going on in the background as they went through all of the details of the fitting.

A word of advice…get  a sitter for your bed fitting…no really.  While I’m sure the people at your Sleep Number store will be more than happy to accommodate you and your children, as ours were – you will be able to focus on your fitting so much better if they are not there. My husband was able to nerd out and find his perfect number but I had a hard time really finding my zen place (ie ignoring the children which men seem to have the unique talent to do) and figuring out if the number was “just right”. As a result, I am still tweaking my number two weeks into our sleep trial. My husband…he’s good.

Our bed arrived a couple of weeks ago and I will say, that even though I’m tweaking my number here and there – I’m very please. Also, the Individual 3D Fitting experience at the store is invaluable because the information they give you about how the bed works to decrease pressure on the points where you find the most discomfort is extremely helpful and worth the time you spend.

When you have two people who have varying needs and comfort levels, having the ability to adjust on your side of the bed to meet your individual needs is ideal and something I wish we would have gone with years ago.

The husband and I have truly found our sweet spot with this bed. He has his firmer number – which is actually surprisingly lower than I thought it would be at 50 and I have my softer number, currently hovering around 30-40. We’re both sleeping really well and another added tidbit, this bed is a lot cooler than our other memory foam bed. That was my husband’s one complaint about his previous beloved memory foam mattress – he was always very hot. That complaint has been resolved because Sleep Number has a cooling gel technology and I can tell your first hand, there is a difference. Plus, if you splurge on their Temperature Balancing bedding solutions – you can add an extra element of heat removal – we picked up one of their pillow covers (as well as a new set of pillows to go with our bed) for just that purpose. It’s pretty refreshing to lay on a pillow that has a cooling technology like that!

Overall, we’re very pleased with the m7 Sleep Number Bed – I think they’ve entered the Memory Foam world with a great product. They have taken their dual air technology and married it with the much loved memory foam and made it even better. If you’re in the market for a memory foam mattress, you should definitely consider Sleep Number’s version, especially if you are like my husband and I and you have varying preferences in firmness for your bed.

Do you have a memory foam mattress? Have you tried the Sleep Number beds before – would you after this review?

Disclosure: I was provided an m7 Sleep Number bed for my review of the product but all savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own – this really is a fantastic bed! 

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