Are You a Cool Mom?

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That’s Victoria Beckham – she’s a cool mom!

Are you Cool?

Do you consider yourself hip?

Are you “with it”?

With questions like that, I don’t sound so cool and hip, but they are the questions at hand. So how do we as mothers and professionals maintain our “cool factor”? Is being “cool” a state of mind or is it only about your looks?

Well, from this gal’s perspective…

It’s both.

Ace your Appearance

Dressing for success is something we’ve all heard at one point or another and there is truth to that statement. As much as some of us would not like this to be the case, your first impression when you walk in the room has a lot to do with how you look and how you carry yourself. It’s important to know how to dress yourself so that you represent who you are and what you stand for in a positive way. Wearing a mini-dress doesn’t scream “take me serious as your marketing consultant” or “Vote me in as PTA President” – it says check me out at the local strip joint.

But I’m sure that goes without saying.

When putting on that sleek pantsuit or wrap dress for a conference, you need to be certain it’s a good fit. Know what styles, shapes and colors accentuate your assets without putting them on display. It is a delicate balance.  And if you’re not sure, hit up a friend you admire fashion-wise and take them shopping with you.

If your friends happen to all be “fashion don’ts” then have a group intervention and start cutting and pasting out ideas from fashion magazines and/or tabloids for inspiration.

It’s time to show on the outside what you have on the inside – beauty, intelligence and class.

Own It

Confidence is just as important as your fashion choices. Believing in ones self is the key to success in life. When a confident woman walks into a room, it radiates from her and makes everyone wonder who she is.  You have to be that woman, and if you haven’t reached a point where you truly feel that confidence within yourself, then…

Fake it.

Do you feel pressure to be a “Cool Mom”?

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Nicole is the Managing Editor here at Savvy Sassy Moms. She is a cabernet sipping, stiletto wearing mama to three girls. She takes pride in caring for herself and the fact that she's never owned a pair of "Mom Jeans". When Nicole isn't here with the other Savvy Mama's she's blogging at her personal blog Moments that Define Life or tweeting @MTDLBlog

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  1. This is just what I’m thinking as I ponder my back-to-school haircut. What will make me look like the cool mom rather than mom-the-teacher!

  2. Okay, so being a cool Mom? I know I’m cool, but I struggled to define it. So, I asked one of my 4 children, 17 year old Myles the question. Hey Myles, so, I’m kind of cool right? “Myles, Ya”? So, what makes me cool? His first answer was, well you don’t keep us on a leash and you let us screw up and then coach/guide us through our screw ups. “Myles, I guess you let us fail, but teach us to rise”. Oh, and you act like your 5 years old sometimes and we find you ridiculous and just a little bit adorable. If you asked me, I would have to say it’s my Style!

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