7 Gifts for Savvy Sassy Dads & Dudes

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What to get those Savvy Sassy Men on your list….?

1.  The Stealth Tooth Brush Sanitizer  $50.00 – Okay I kinda just like the name and think this is funny.  But, it will help your man from getting sick this cold and flu season too!

2.  Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Series 6 part 1 $20.99 – For the traveler or food fanatic.  I happen to have a guy with major wanderlust so this DVD series is perfect.

3.  Polar Pillow $99.00 – Does your man have a hot head?  This pillow keeps the tempature around his head down so no more night sweats, yay!  It also helps soothe headaches, hot flashes, night sweats, fevers and skin irritations.

4.  Spice Hunter Gift Sets $50 – $100  For the chef and the man of the house who likes to cook using healthy ingredients. We used this seasoning on our Thanksgiving turkey and it was delicious!

5.  Pong iPad Case  $99.00 – Using just any ol’ case with your iPad or iPad 2 can reduce 3G transmission power by up to 75%!  But with Pong’s unique design and technology provides the only solution which allows the iPad to be used as designed and keeping transmission power optimized.

6.  Pong iphone Cases $59.99  A cell phone case for reducing cell phone radiation.  Pong not only protects you from unnecessary exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) , but also optimizes your cell phone’s signal strength.

7.  The BookBook  $79 – $99  The coolest looking laptop case in my book!  (get it)   It’s a hardback leather case for MacBook Pro.  it is designed to look like an old book and I think it is wildly handsome.
This is My Savvy Sassy Favorite!  Love it.

What are you getting the Dads & Dudes on your list?


Disclosure:  I was sent a few of these items to give a try and see if they met the Savvy Sassy Dad standards.  All of my thoughts and opinions are my own.  I recommend these because I was 100% happy with them and so was my husband.

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