5 Arts & Crafts Apps For Kids

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Most kids love arts and crafts, and there are plenty of cool activities you can choose from. Practicing arts and crafts with your children is a great way to bond, and support them to learn new skills. For a few great resources, check out these arts and crafts apps for kids.

Labo Paper Fish

Labo Paper Fish helps children to make their own fish crafts, and then play pretend marine games. The app was designed to encourage an interest in marine creatures and the deep blue sea. There are plenty of fun features to take advantage of including:

  • A variety of paper fish templates.
  • Choose templates in different types of paper.
  • Pick from many different beautiful colors.
  • Choose from different games including ‘seabed maze’, or ‘underwater photography’.
Kids Craft Ideas

The Kids Craft Ideas app has plenty of ideas for craft projects that you can make with your kids. Browse through the beautiful gallery, and choose whichever kind of craft project takes your fancy. There are plenty of options, all come with detailed tutorials, and are simple to make. Here you’ll find animal crafts, Valentine’s Day crafts, Halloween crafts, easter crafts, and a whole lot more. Features of the app include:

  • Hundreds of craft ideas.
  • Easy to share images.
  • Set craft pictures as wallpaper.
  • Plenty of crafting tips.
Paper Craft Ideas

Paper Craft Ideas are simple and fun activities for your children. You don’t need much, just a few craft supplies including glue, scissors and paper. Perhaps you want to make paper flowers to decorate your home? Or maybe you’d like to make a paper craft as a gift? Whatever kind of paper craft you’re looking to make, you’ll find plenty of ideas here. All crafts include simple steps that you and your kids can follow along with.

Drawing For kids

The Drawing For Kids app includes plenty of coloring games for children. With the help of these drawing games and coloring tools, your child will learn plenty and have lots of fun. Drawing For Kids is packed with fun animations, cool sound effects, and lots of drawing tips. With this app you’ll benefit from:

  • Customizable coloring tools.
  • Creativity development.
  • Hundreds of coloring pages.
  • Plenty of games.

Paint My Cat

Using the ‘PaintMy Cat’ app your kids can paint the virtual cat, and play lots of different games. The app features lots of gorgeous artwork and illustrations, visual effects and different brush sizes. With the help of this application your children can develop their hand eye coordination and improve their creativity. Further features to enjoy include:

  • Simple erase button (to start again).
  • Easy instructions and suitable for all ages.
  • Interact with the virtual cat.

Using these apps there are plenty of fun activities that you can try out with your kids. Remember, before you recycle old items around your home, it’s worth keeping materials for your craft box.

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