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What Does Spring Mean For Your Home?

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We’re still in the midst of a cold winter, and some of you might be dealing with the bad weather for a few more weeks. Nevertheless, as we approach the end of February, everyone starts thinking ahead to the next season. It won’t be long before spring is upon you once again, and this can mean all sorts of things for your home. There are plenty of things to consider when spring arrives, so here are a few of the top things around your home you should be thinking of:

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is something of a cliche, yet it can be very helpful for homeowners. Clearly, you should be cleaning your home regularly throughout winter and all the other months of the year. However, spring is a chance to really dust off the cobwebs and breathe new life into your home after a cold winter. It’s an excuse to throw junk out, have a deep clean of your home, and really give yourself a sense of starting anew. 


After all, spring is the season of new beginnings! It’s when animals come out of hibernation, plants start to grow, the leaves return to trees, and you see the sun for what feels like the first time in three months. So, it’s nice to carry similar vibes in your home, which is why spring cleaning is so popular. Your house probably isn’t a mess right now, but an extra deep clean and declutter can almost make it feel brand new. Mentally, it’s also a fantastic way of getting out of the winter funk you might feel, brightening your mood!

Garden preparations

If you’ve neglected your garden throughout the winter, don’t worry! Nobody expects you to be outside in the freezing cold, pruning weeds or cutting the lawn. A lack of sunlight makes it harder for things to grow, as does the drop in temperature. This is why your lawn grows as much throughout the winter as it does within two weeks in the summer! You also have fewer reasons to use your garden when it’s cold and wet all the time, hence the neglect. 

Still, your garden probably isn’t in its best condition at the end of winter. Summer is the prime season for garden usage, but you should start preparing it as spring comes around. This means you start cutting the grass again, removing weeds, and laying any seeds to plant flowers or vegetables; you name it! The idea is that you lay the foundations so your garden starts to thrive within a few weeks of spring starting, meaning it looks absolutely perfect and full of life when the weather gets even better. Again, it just helps your home get out of its winter hibernation and be ready for the garden parties and activities that come with nicer weather. 

Start conserving energy

A bit of an odd thing to think about, yet it’s 100% worth doing! In winter, all of you will have your central heating on at full blast for hours a day. It’s the only way to survive the cold, and you couple this with lights being on more often due to the lack of sunlight. When you factor in the increased time spent in front of a TV over the festive period, your energy bill begins to ramp up. For instance, the average electricity bill is around $78 in summer, yet it goes up to $108 per month in winter. You’ll find that gas bills are similar, and it’s all because you use far more energy during the colder period of the year. 

Even if you try your very best to save energy during winter, you’re going to use more than in the warmer and lighter parts of the year. As such, spring is a good time to think about conserving more energy in your home. Take advantage of the lighter days and throw your curtains open, letting natural light take over from your electricity. Turn the central heating down – or off completely! You may even think about solar panel installation in spring, using the sun to provide energy for your home and cut down on your electricity bill. All of this comes together to create a house that’s more energy conscious. Your bill will be a lot lower now than it was in the winter, which saves so much money over the next few months. This way, when next winter comes along, you’ve saved so much that the energy bill increase won’t be as big of an issue. 

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Interior design touch-ups

Again, this is like spring cleaning in that it’s a bit of a cliche. Most of you probably make interior design tweaks and changes all year round. That’s perfectly fine, but the start of spring is a good point for homeowners to think about making changes. We’ve already discussed how spring is the season of change, so it’s the ideal time to change little elements about your interior design. 

It doesn’t mean that you undergo full-scale renovations, but you can make a few home improvements here and there. Consider simple ideas – like changing the color scheme in a room or moving around the furniture. If you’re really keen on your interior design, you might alter the way things look and feel between the seasons. For instance, right now, everything is designed to be warm and cozy. Your interior design is all about giving off winter vibes and encouraging everyone to snuggle up inside. There are rugs on the floor, thick curtains, and all the main colors are warm. When you move from winter to spring, you might get rid of the winter vibes and replace them with brighter spring ones. The rugs are put away, you change the color scheme – and so on. You do the same when summer comes around, and then again in fall. This is a really fun way of keeping your interior design fresh throughout the year.

Or, you could use the start of spring as a beginning and endpoint. Every year, this is the time where you mix things up and change your interior design. So, you might have your home looking a certain way for a year, then change it next spring – etc. Also, don’t forget about your exterior design! We’ve mentioned the garden, but consider your outer walls and give them a fresh lick of paint. Once more, it falls in-line with the spring theme of freshening things up!

Think ahead to the summer

Yes, as spring approaches, it’s the perfect time to think ahead to the summer. Okay, this might seem a bit over-the-top for some of you, but it can help you get everything ready when summer comes around. Mainly, we’re thinking about the garden yet again. All the preparation you do in spring will get that area ready for the summer months when you spend more time outside. However, if you have anything planned for your home during summer, now is the time to prepare for it. Spring can be a great season for fresh starts, but it’s just as good to prepare your home for summer. 

January feels like the longest month ever, and then February flies by. Before you know it, March is upon us and spring is starting to arrive. It’s time for a new season, and your home needs to get ready for all the changes. You may not want to do everything on this list, and that’s perfectly fine! Still, feel free to use it as inspiration to learn what it means for your home when spring comes around.

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