How to clean like a mom boss

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OK moms, we know you all really love a clean house, but don’t enjoy actually cleaning it.

img_2745However, as a mom you know that there is always some sort of cleaning to be done and while it isn’t our favorite task, it is just part of the job. Keeping any household clean and tidy can be a chore, but with little kids running around, it can be a major chore. We’ve got a few tips to share for cleaning like the mom boss you are.


Tackle one task at a time.

We know it is easy to get distracted, especially with little ones around, but we find it best to really focus on one task at a time. If you decide to clean bathrooms, resist the urge to start organizing under the sink or grabbing towels to wash. Just get the bathroom clean and leave the “extra” stuff for another time. This can help you to get things done more quickly and fully complete the task at hand.

Just say no to clutter.

We once heard that with kids you can’t have a clean house and a neat house at the same time and it totally made sense to us. With a busy family comes a lot of “stuff.” Whether it is papers and artwork from school or just toys that are left around, clutter can make any space feel messy. We love decluttering to help our homes feel nice and neat. Throwing away junk mail right away, making kids pick up their things and having a place for everything helps our homes to feel more organized and tidy.

Have the kids help.

Let’s be honest, your kids are the ones making most of the messes, right?

img_2746We teach our kids from very early on to help out around the house and give them age-appropriate tasks. Anything from helping to put away laundry to dusting and even wiping down bathroom counters. Not only does this teach responsibility, but it also might make them think twice before spitting toothpaste all over the place.

Come up with a routine.

It can feel pretty daunting to think about cleaning the entire house from top to bottom.  If we let it go too long we just keep putting it off because we know it is such a big job. That is why we like having a routine and just tackling a few tasks at a time. Bathrooms one day, laundry one day, vacuuming the next, etc. Then, it doesn’t feel like so much work and we end up just spending a few minutes each day doing something around the house.

Have powerful products on hand.

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What are your favorite Mom Boss cleaning tips?

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